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Whether it is for lifestyle blogging, elegant websites, online shopping stores or web galleries, WordPress has something for everyone. But what about the revolutionary change in blogging and entertainment that videos have made, can WordPress keep up with that? It certainly can, as WordPress houses some of the most interactive and immersive video theme available for video based websites.

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Whether you need a WordPress video theme for creating your personal video blog, or make the next video entertainment community like YouTube or Vimeo, The Video theme by MyThemeShop might just be the answer to all your prayers.

Video Theme from Mythemeshop

While video websites are not only entertaining, they can be a great source of affiliate income and AdSense revenues. It has been estimated by the networking giant Cisco, that most of the consumer traffic driven towards websites by the year 2017 will be due to videos.

What Makes Video by MyThemeShop Stand Out?

While there may be several other video themes for WordPress, the Video stand out with its numerous features and robust coding. Features such as video embedding, like/dislike button function, sidebar/footer widgets and much more, will make your video website pop out of the rest.

The minimal style with no compromise in functionality is the spirit of the theme, and will require very little of the resources to give you the best out of your efforts.

Highly Responsive Layout

The thing what makes websites so popular among the masses is that you can enjoy a video on all your devices, whether you are on a tablet or your PC. This is where the efforts of the developers are directly reflected, as the theme is beautifully responsive.

Moreover, the theme has been created as Retina ready so that you can enjoy the cool colors and sharp images of the video website on all your high-definition media devices. The images, sliders and footers of the Video theme are completely responsive, so your visual entertainment won’t be compromised, no matter what device you use to view the videos.

Layout That Pulls The Viewers In

The reason for the hours you spend watching videos online, is because these websites always have a way of keeping you hooked. With a revealing layout displaying all the relevant videos in relation to your previous searches, the viewers will always have a reason to watch just one more video on your website every time.

The longer the traffic sticks to your website, the greater revenues you can expect and the lowered bounce rate will also help you build up your online presence and attract even more video hungry visitors to your website.

Optimized Features For Better Video Experience

Video Theme Mythemeshop Options Panel

The Video Theme by MyThemeShop has been developed with a certain amount of attention to detail, taking all the good attributes of the popular video websites. Apart from the standard features, this video WordPress theme has a “Play List” feature which enables you to create an entire playlist of videos for the viewers to watch in sequence.

For instance, if it is a five-part documentary, the users will enjoy it much more when they don’t have to scan through the website looking for the rest of the parts. Moreover, the “Watch It Later” feature of the theme is just a genius way to keep the visitors coming back to your website again and again.

By marking a video for watching it later, the users can save the videos they would like to watch later on, giving you a better chance of boosting your recurring traffic rate.

Creating A Unique Visual Experience

The Video WordPress theme not only gives you the freedom to directly embed videos from popular video websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and others, you can also insert the number of views of a particular video directly from YouTube.

For any video website (especially a new one) the number of views on the videos can be a crucial element in helping the viewer decide whether the site is attractive or not.

This view count will encourage the users to view the videos, which is similar to the “Featured Videos” system in YouTube. The like and dislike button option is quite popular among users, and this theme integrates it into your website to help the visitors rate any video.

Video By MyThemeShop: The Final Verdict

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It is no secret that video websites can not only help you create a hoard of visitor traffic, but help you make big money with affiliate links and revenues, while keeping your visitors entertained. If you are considering to take a dive into the world of video websites, partnering with Video WordPress theme could be a great idea.

With special AdSense banners, widgets for content sharing and high customization options, this video theme will satisfy your needs, as well as those of the viewers. Whether it is the eye-catching design and responsiveness, or the robust user experience, this WordPress video theme has all the right attributes to not only mesmerize the visitors at first sight, but keeps them busy with the entertaining videos as well.

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