SEO WP Social Media and Digital Marketing Agency Theme

We live in a time where the first impression can be the beginning or the end of prospective business opportunity. For marketing and advertisement agencies, having an impressive portfolio and a well-designed office space was a bare necessity to attract new clients.

However, since the down of the internet age, marketing and advertisement has also become digital, pushing forward the reign of online marketing campaigns.


Whether you are a Search Engine Optimization agency helping other website owners bring forth their websites, a digital marketing agency helping business increase their clientele, or a social media network helping brands with online campaigns and advertising, you need a website that mesmerizes your visitors.

If you are in search of a WordPress theme that alters the limits of flexibility, web design and functionality, the SEO WP Theme by ThemeForest is where your search ends.

WordPress SEO Theme

An Ad Agency or a Marketing agency does not depend upon imagery in their design to lure in the prospective customers. It needs a user friendly design, a flexible layout and powerful functionality to let the visitors know that you are a credible and dependable source for getting the work done.

With SEO WP, you get numerous page designs, unlimited headers styles, and unlimited footer layouts to help you craft a website that is not only state of the art, but unique as well.

With complete drag and drop controls and live appearance preview options, you can verify your website design at each step of it creation. The development of the SEO WP theme has been done with the minute details in mind, which is apparent with the attention that has been paid to the detailing of each element of the theme.

Drag & Drop Features

Standing apart from most of the WordPress themes that depend on the popular Visual Composer for drag& drop interface, the SEO WP theme uses Live Composer instead. Not that the Visual Composer isn’t any good, but the Live Composer unleashes the capabilities of drag & drop, which are held back by the latter. The drag & drop page builder helps you create unique layout for your website pages, making it stand apart from the competition.

The Live Composer also provides the feature of a drag & drop form builder to help you design and create visually ecstatic forms for your digital marketing website. The simple creator helps you configure the elements and sizes with ease, so you won’t have to dig deeper for a contact from plugin.

Live Composer takes the drag & drop feature a step further with the customizable foot builder. Essentially, the drag & drop feature is applicable to the entire theme of SEO WP, so get a unique layout each time you want.

Big Savings

The WP SEO theme has been developed to incorporate several top of the line WordPress premium plugins and other additional elements. If you were to purchase all of these stylish and feature rich WordPress plugins separately, it would cost you more than four times of what the SEO WP theme costs.

With all premium paid WordPress plugins such as Live Composer, Mega Main Menu, Master Slider, Nex Forms, Rankie and many more, you save about $118 on the plugins itself.

But these aren’t the only elements that save you a good amount of money, the specially designed images and creatively crafted icons of the SEO WP WordPress theme add the glory of all of it. With this theme in your arsenal, you will never have to spend another dime to add more functionality to your website.

Delivers High Performance

Whether you wish to focus on the user experience or the search engine optimization of the website, you need a theme that is high on the performance mark. Starting with mobile responsiveness, the SEO WP theme is fluidic from the header to the footer, so your visitors will enjoy viewing your website on any device they use.

SEO WP Speed Test:

  • Page Speed Grade: A (96%)
  • YSlow Grade: A (93%)
  • Pingdom Stats Load Time: 1.59 sec/973.8kB

The Final Verdict

Demo & Download

Since there is huge demand in the world of WordPress themes, you will find all sorts of themes that claim to be multipurpose and work for any type of website. The SEO WP WordPress Theme is dedicated towards a single cause, providing digital marketing and online service businesses the flexibility and smooth layout that they need.

Without any added clutter, this agency theme concentrates on bringing tons of features at your disposal, with an easy drag & drop interface to help you construct a website that is truly unique in every way. With the SEO WP theme, you will get all the speed performance along with personalized icons and images, created just for you.

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