Colorway Business WordPress Theme – A Review

There is a reason WordPress is loved and adored all over the world, and this reason is its simplicity. What makes this CMS even more revered is the simplicity does not come in the way of creating incredible websites, and the thousands of themes and plugins are just cherry on top of the pie.

Considering the versatility of WordPress themes and how you can make almost any kind of website with it, Colorway V3 by InkThemes compliments it quite correctly.

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Colorway WordPress Theme by InkThemes

Inside Colorway V3 WordPress Theme

Colorway V3 is a WordPress business theme that can incorporate every single element of your business into your website. Whether it is a French cuisine restaurant, a luxury home décor website, or a fashion blog, Colorway will blend all the elements with ease.

From the attractive large business logo space to flaunt your brand, or the responsiveness of the theme, your visitors are sure to be mesmerized at first glance.

Indulging Home Page

For every website, the home page is what hooks the visitor, and Colorway does a fine job of bringing the attractive elements to it. The home page of the theme on a desktop provides a pleasant view of the brand logo, the services offered and additional tabs to directly navigate to the page you wish to visit.

The most intriguing part of the home page is the large home page slider, which has been designed for a full-width visual experience.

Showcase your newest additions, the latest products and services with this slider, or even create an enticing video and it to the slider for the viewers to enjoy. The first impression of the theme draws you in with a simplistic yet elegant look and feel.

Useful Services Showcase

Just under the beautiful home page slider, Colorway provides a special section for you to display your highlighted products and services in four columns. You can select the best attributes of your business and add them to these sections so that the viewers notice your highlighted products, services or skills as soon as they land on the website.

Testimonials Section

Nothing speaks out to the audiences as the word of mouth, and Colorway takes care of that elegantly. Just under the services showcase, you can insert the quotes of your clientele and let them do the publicity for you. The quote style typography truly brings alive the classic testimonial feel in the website.

Latest Posts Showcase

In order to keep your viewers interested in the website as well as the products and services you provide, you need to keep them updated what latest treats you have to offer.

The blog section supplied by Colorway is a great way to announce your latest offerings and entice the viewers to look into them and know more. This also gives off a vibe that the website is regularly looked after, compelling your viewers to visit again and again to check out the new offers or announcements you have.

Gorgeous Gallery

Colorway WordPress Theme Download

The gallery template offered by Colorway is just ideal for photography or design studios who wish to create an incredible portfolio on the website for the visitors to look into. Proudly showcase all your work with the sliding gallery option and showcase your work on your website just the way you want.

All The Bells And Whistles

Apart from all the classic attributes that makes Colorway V3 an instant classic, the time put behind by the developers is quite apparent with the added functions that are available.

Whether it is the mobile responsiveness, the integrated social icons, or the flexibility of a custom CSS, you can start using the theme right out of the box. But the good things don’t stop here, the integrated SEO options and the smooth cross browsing experience makes Colorway V3 a pleasant experience.

The Final Verdict

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You can purchase the Colorway V3 by Inkthemes right away for $59

It is quite apparent that InkThemes have created the premium theme of Colorway V3 to attract all kinds of business niches who are looking for an elegant and minimalist online profile to showcase their business, highlight their revered product and services, and keep the viewers updated about their latest offerings.

The theme offers an easy “single click setup” with stock images to get you started, so you can get started with the website if you have some web development knowledge.

The Blog page is a welcoming addition, and the responsiveness of the website is an added bonus. However, the theme is best suited for business who are looking for an online portfolio and nothing more. For people who are looking to tap into the infinite online viewership with a stylish and attractive website, Colorway V3 offers everything in a single package.

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