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The simpler times no longer exist when the consumers would buy all the services and products available in the market. With the inception of online marketing and e-commerce, customers shop smartly and want everything they can get out of each cent they spend.

For businesses that develop customer specific products and services, finding out what the consumers exactly need can be quite a hassle, but Ideas Theme by AppThemes can make it much easier.

Ideas Theme

This ingenious WordPress theme has been developed for gathering valuable consumer feedback which can help you gain the upper edge in the market by knowing exactly what the customers expect from your products and services.

The Ideas WordPress theme assists the consumers in providing feedback on your services and products, as well as the option to suggest ideas on how you could improve them. The user interface of the this theme is simplistic, which makes it ideal for all kinds of audiences that you would like to gather feedback and suggestions from.

Whether you are a growing video game company who is looking for honest feedback on your game titles, or wish to ask the fans of your games to suggest ideas to make the games better, Ideas Theme by AppThemes can be the perfect solution for you.

For businesses with a wide range of home brands that cater to consumers all around the world, the marketing strategies can be revolutionized by the product design teams when they receive direct feedback from the customers.

Features Of The Ideas Theme

Ideas Theme Features

The first look at this theme reflects that the theme has been designed with productivity in mind, keeping all the bells and whistles aside. With an efficient layout system, this theme offers a unique feedback system where the consumers can not only voice their opinion on the products and services you provide, but can also cast their votes on the concepts submitted by other visitors as well.

  • For added customization and improved functionality, this theme offers the developers an API which allows them to build on the existing theme itself. For instance, if you plan to develop an app for your customer feedback website, the communication with the site will be much easier with the API.
  • In order to provide you the complete control of your user feedback website, Ideas Theme allows moderation of all the concepts submitted by the visitors, without compromising customer interaction.
  • The voting activity of each of the website users can be monitored with the help back-end and front-end profile viewing offered by the extended user profiles.
  • In order to pull in incredible customer experience in every way, the Ideas theme has been powered by jQuery and Ajax implementation, which updates the votes given on ideas instantly, without loading the entire page again.

Things To Love About The Ideas Theme

The Idea Theme is highly responsive, integrated with a fluidic layout, touch swipe sideshows, retina ready image configuration and optimized for search engines. The theme has been created keeping in mind that most consumers use their mobile devices to leave feedback and review purchased products and services.

The Ideas WordPress theme is available on a transferable license, which makes it ideal for designers who need to use the theme with multiple clients. Moreover, if the company that has purchased the theme in the first place has been bought by another, the user license can be transferred without any applicable charges.

In order to accommodate different types of idea submissions, this theme offers various presentation formats such as Vimeo content, YouTube content, sideshows and Photowall options as well. This brings in a dash of versatility by providing the visitors different ways of expressing their ideas and suggestions, which helps you in diversifying your products and services even more.

The ideas which have been submitted by the visitors can be conveniently sorted and filtered on the front-end of the website by responses and votes, while the admin dashboard allows you to filter them by status, category, date and author to help you in organizing all the ideas provided by the consumers in a systematic fashion.

The Final Verdict

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This feedback and responsive WordPress theme by the developers at AppThemes has been created to form a platform for consumers to share their feedback and ideas with the manufacturers and service providers in a useful and helpful way.

Whether you are looking for the response of consumers on the product line you have or wish to know about their experience with your services, Ideas Theme by AppThemes will help you accomplish this task with ease.

This theme is an excellent base to create an interactive and engaging forum where consumers can discuss their favorite products, what they would like to change about them, and also suggest ideas to make them much better.

The customer is all that matters, and in today’s highly competitive market, listening to what your customers have to say can mean all the difference between success and failure.

This WordPress feedback theme will be your guiding light and help you create an indulging platform to connect with your customers and get the best out of their ideas.

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