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No matter which business industry your association is with, the first impression you make on the customer is the deciding factor. Whether you are a seasoned local player looking to cast your web further outwards, or a startup looking to become the next big success story, you need all the marketing resources you can find. When it comes to cast the web outwards, nothing will help you more than the world wide web.

If you are a an independent real estate agent looking to bag new customers, or a regional agency trying to strengthen its foundation, a real estate website is just what you need.

WP Residence Theme

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The internet has been a boon for the real estate industry, and several big names all over the world have expanded their business by harnessing it vast networking capabilities. Whether you are looking for customers who are in search for new properties to purchase, or someone who is looking to sell theirs, your website can virtually represent you as a medium. If you are just looking for a way to tap into the infinite revenue potential that real estate comes with, a WordPress theme such as WP Residence by ThemeForest can be a game changer.

WP Residence WordPress Theme?

Built for the very purpose of providing a unique experience to real estate buyers and sellers alike, the WP Residence Theme does so much more than being just a platform to help you make good revenues of the commission. It provides value to the customers in the form of a responsive website where they can refine their search and look for the property of their dreams.

By beautifully integrating Google Maps and location markers into the website, the customers can pinpoint the location they are interested in and find out the available properties for rent and sale. With a clean design and simplistic user interface, you will turn to visitors into customers in no time.

Powerful Search Engine

It won’t be an unrealistic expectation if you consider WP Residence as the Google of real estate websites. The search engine that has been seamlessly integrated into the theme gives you so much more than the option to look for the right properties in the area you prefer. The Advanced Search in WP Residence has been equipped with several back end customization that enable you to add a list of features and amenities to the search.

The users that have registered with your website will always be compelled to visit again, as they can save the searches hey have made and manage them from their user dashboard. Moreover, the smart algorithm coded in the website will automatically email the visitors and notify them each time a new listing has been posted that matches their search criteria. This smart feature significantly impacts the overall bounce rate, as the users always have a reason to come back.

More Savings And More Revenues

What makes the WP Residence Theme so good is the fact that you won’t have to spend a dime on packing it with more and more plugins to boost its functionality. Most of the essential plugins such as Visual Composer and Slider Revolution come with a lofty price tag, which seems unfair considering the amount of money you spend on the theme itself. With WP Residence, you get both of these powerful WordPress plugins for free with the package, so there is no compromise on features.

But saving you money is just one part of what WP Residence has to offer. This WordPress real estate theme gives you the ability to make good profits off the service you provide to your customers. With the membership system, you can ask the users to pay a subscription fee for enjoying the listing service of your website. Moreover, on each property that the customers place on your website for selling, you can charge them a commission as well. The direct payment gateways with Stripe and PayPal support makes it easier for the customers to use your paid services.

Backed By Updates

While many WordPress developers have created real estate website themes that stand apart from the rest, you won’t find one that is as frequently updated as the WP Residence Theme. With an update that as released just a while ago, the theme gets tons of added functionality such as currency converter, mobile menu layout, Satellite Maps integration and much more.

The Final Verdict

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The Real estate business is one where a single large deal can make your revenues skyrocket, but bagging in the customers is quite tricky. You need all the help you can get and the WP Residence Theme by ThemeForest does just that. The responsive design and the convenient layout make it easier for the users to get straight to business and find the right properties.

While the advanced search options and features such as floor plans and filtering help the customers make a well informed decision.

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