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For project managers and business owner who work with several employees on a single project, it can be quite a hassle to keep a track of their progress and work submission, especially if they are working remotely. The internet can help you connect with your team, but keeping the project work in line needs a systematic platform to help you keep the workforce fine tuned.



Quality Control by AppThemes stands as a formidable ticketing system that will make your work much easier.

In order to turn your website into a versatile and easy to use ticketing system, the Quality Control theme is all you need. This WordPress theme from the developers at AppThemes, creates a feature rich platform that provides you with a simplistic ticketing system that will get you started within a few minutes.

The Quality Control WordPress theme keeps you in charge of your project development team with features such as ticket creation, statuses of the assigned tickets, setting milestones, tags, categories, and assigning priorities to the tasks.

The team members of your project can interact with the ticketing system you have created by viewing the tickets created by you, add comments, update their task status and much more.

For all the project managers out there who are tired of the generic ticketing system software that do not provide the room for customization, Quality Control is a ticketing system theme they can look up to.

Quality Control Theme Features

This feature packed theme by AppThemes surprisingly comes with a user-friendly design and an impressive user interface to keep your team in line. Apart from working as a robust ticketing system, this WordPress theme helps you integrate all your work processes such as daily task meetings, goal declaration, task submission and team interaction in a single professional platform.

Moreover, the insightful coding and seamless design of the Quality Control theme brings in added ease of use and finish to the development project at hand.

Sharing Files And Images

Whether you wish to share content with the entire team, or keep some project specific files attached to the notes associated with them, this theme gives you the entire file sharing freedom you and your team members need. You will never have search through emails to get the files and images ever again.

Integrated With SVN and Git

The two most popularly used cloud repositories used worldwide – GitHub and BeanStalk have been seamlessly integrated into the Quality Control WordPress theme for a smoother project development environment. For complete visibility, the Changesets are linked up to each of the tickets automatically as well.

Unlimited Project Development Supported

In order to create and flourish new development projects and set up various user groups for different projects, the Quality Control theme can be used as a WordPress multi-site websites for ease of use and better management of the projects.

There is no designated limit on the number of times you can use the theme, enabling you to create unlimited projects practically at a time.

Ticket Collaboration Option

This WordPress ticketing system theme enables you send and receive messages based on a ticket created by you, along with the feature to help you keep the ticket active until it is resolved.

Moreover, you can add an attachment to the tickets for future reference and make the necessary changes to the tickets by updating the properties.

Milestones For Defining Goals

For every development team, it is crucial to work towards progress by setting up end-of-the-day goals, so the team members have a sense of direction towards the completion of the task at hand.

With this theme, your work is simplified as the milestones enable you to create grouped tickets, helping you make sure that each team member completes their work before the designated release date.

With the milestone page of the theme, all the goal defining tasks are clearly depicted in a simple layout, helping you see which team member is responsible for which of the following tasks, their current statuses and any tasks that may still be incomplete.

Complete Data Control

One of the primary reasons project managers tend to look away from hosted ticketing systems is the fact that all of the project data is always controlled by a hosting service fee that does not come cheap.

With Quality Control theme, all your data and information are in your grasp, with the added option to export all of it into an XML file whenever required to be moved.

The Final Verdict

Demo & Download

It would be safe to say that the Quality Control WordPress theme has been created by AppThemes to answer all the prayers of project managers who have grown tired of the featureless and expensive ticket systems that do not offer the freedom you would need to handle different projects.

A one-time investment into Quality Control can help you create member, designated tasks, help you share numerous essential data and information with the entire team, create a goal selected environment and help you create as many projects as you may like at no added cost.

The highly customizable ticketing platform offers more than any other hosting platform can, ensuring that the communication between you and your development team is unscathed.

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