Review: Cafe Pro WordPress Theme By StudioPress

The internet has not only changed the face of the retail and commerce industry, but has also created a new marketing platform for brick and mortar businesses. All the consumers are online these days, so in order to reach out to the masses and to solidify your presence online, you need a website that stands strong compared to the rising competition.

While WordPress has always been the ideal choice to create business websites, some owners shy away from WordPress, as they are unaware of the endless possibilities it holds.

Cafe Pro Theme Studiopress

One of such several possibilities has been provided by the Café Pro Theme by StudioPress to create elegant restaurant and food business websites out of the box.

While there are several food business and restaurant WordPress themes to choose from, Café Pro stands apart with a foundation framework that has been regarded one of the best in WordPress history.

Moreover, the features and functionality of this WordPress theme have been inspired by two of the most highly acclaimed StudioPress themes, namely Parallax Pro and Foodie Pro, which have also been developed in the robust Genesis Framework.

With well-defined header section that is inspired by Parallax, and a home page that lights up with a multi-layer user interface, Café Pro WordPress theme has the best of both worlds.

Features Of Café Pro By StudioPress

While the primary objective of this WordPress theme is to serve as an ideal template for a restaurant or a food business website, the high customization options can help you turn into an excellent website theme for virtually any other purpose.

With beautiful code derived from CSS3 and HTML5, a lightweight design for rich user experience, extensive custom header section, and a business oriented home page, Café Pro compliments its performance based Genesis framework correctly.

Artistic Single Page Layout

With restaurant and café establishments, the single page layout has become immensely popular, and the trend is kept alive in this WordPress theme as well. However, the option to create inner pages for a more informative user experience is also provided, along with the functionality to create menu pages, landing pages, booking pages and content information pages.

The single page layout of the home page of the Café Pro theme provides an exotic viewing experience, providing all the useful information to the visitors right from the start. The custom widgets modules that are provided with this theme enable you to create a front page that is tailored to your personal requirements.

Handy Floating Menu

The menu bar of the Café Pro WordPress theme has been designed to provide a trendy experience to the user, as it floats up and down the page when the visitors scroll through the page. This feature is extremely useful as it keeps the visitors in direct content with the other sections of the website, always keeping the interaction level to the highest.

This feature has been ranked to be a time-saving attributes, which is always a welcoming addition, to help improve the browsing experience for the visitors, while keeping them informed of the other website pages, which helps in keeping the users engaged and reduces the bounce rate.

Highly Customizable Menu Page

Cafe Pro Theme StudioPress

Every restaurant and food business website requires a menu page that appeals to the readers, convincing them to bring their business to your store. Café Pro understands the importance of a stylish menu, assisting you in creating one that covers all the dishes and food items you wish to display.

Enriched with built-in list post type, this WordPress theme provides you the feature to instantly add menu items, along with the details about the dishes. The menu page section of this WordPress theme enables you to add multiple list posts, so your visitors can relish at the sight of all the incredible dishes you have to offer at your restaurant.

Fluidic And Responsive

Just like the top-notch customer service that is a necessity at your food business store, indulging user experience is the key to making a restaurant website more appealing.

The developers at StudioPress have left no stone unturned to ensure that the website looks exquisite on every screen, whether it is a large desktop monitor or a tiny mobile screen. The responsiveness of this WordPress theme is by the fluid interface, owing to the Genesis Framework that rests in its heart.

The Final Verdict

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The Café Pro Theme by StudioPress is more than impressive enough to set your eyes on each of the uniquely crafted attributes it provides. From the sharp and simplistic design to the high power customization options offered, this WordPress theme is the perfect combination of looks and performance.

The search engine friendly design, clean coding, parallax background, ultra-responsive design, custom home page sections and many more features that are integrated into the Café Pro WordPress theme, can help you create an unmatched online presence for your food business.

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