To meet our expenses of hosting, website maintenance, security, updates and upgrades, buying themes and plugins, paying contributors and authors and other outsourcers, we need money. To cover these and all other expenses of running, managing and growing our website, we have incorporated multiple earning methods.

At, we earn money via multiple methods details of which can be found below.


We post banner ads on our website to cover our expenses. These banner ads are typically placed on the sidebar, within posts and on header or footers. There is, however, no fixed place of these banner ads. We might not always have banner ads on our website all the times. All the ads and advertisers have to qualify and pass our quality test to have their ads published on our website.


We recommend and at times promote products, themes and plugins based on their value and quality. When a user purchases any product or service by clicking on our affiliate link or via our affiliate link, ThemeMags gets paid. We have multiple affiliate links posted on our website including (but not limited to);

  1. We list affiliate products and services upon request of the product author on our website. All such requests from product owners are reviewed by our team before they are published.
  2. While most of the reviews are not sponsored, rather we purchase those products and services from our pocket for reviewing, but there are times when we published sponsored paid reviews upon request from the product author. All such sponsored product reviews carry a statement informing the reader that this is a sponsored review.
  3. We choose affiliate products based on their popularity, reviews and value that they deliver. The links of these affiliate posts can be displayed within content, as a banner or as a product review.

All the affiliate products go through our quality and review team before its link is posted on our website. In case of product reviews, we always use the product before writing a review. We either purchase the product or we get it free from the author for reviewing. In any case, we use and test the product before writing and recommending anything about it.

Sponsored Content

We also earn money by posting sponsored content on our website. This is the substance that either one of our writers writes or is written by the advertiser himself. We make money by posting such sponsored posts on our blog. All such sponsored posts carry a clear statement indicating that it is a sponsored post.

To cover our expenses, we use these earning methods at this time. We can change, remove or add other earning methods without any notice.

All the affiliate links, ads, and Sponsored content is reviewed before it is published. In case of any inaccuracies and issues, ThemeMags is not responsible for any loss or damage. For further details, please refer to the Terms of ThemeMags.

Besides these earning methods, there are no other income sources of our website. All the expenses of are covered via income from these sources.

For any clarification or additional information, please reach us here.