WooCart WordPress Theme By MyThemeShop – A Review

The internet has expanded in ways that was unimaginable a few decades ago, and the fusion of internet with online retailing has changed the face of the commerce industry. It is no surprise that everyone is rushing off to sell their products online, from the multinational brands to the humble local vendors.

If you have been thinking of taking your business on the trillion dollar e-commerce highway, or already have a mediocre eCommerce portal that needs a fresh look, the Woocart Theme by MyThemeShop can certainly get you started.

Woocart Theme Mythemeshop

The Woocart eCommerce WordPress theme provides a platform to create the next incredible online shopping that you wish to have. Whether it is the responsiveness to attract users and prospective customers from different devices, or the highly optimized speeds to keep the website ticking all the time, Woocart is an eCommerce theme that is dedicated to provide a unique shopping experience to the users right from the start.

With several popular eCommerce plugins supported (including the robust WooCommerce eCommerce plugins), Woocart stands as a definitive theme that will take your online store to a whole new level.

Woocart WordPress Theme Review

woocart Theme mythemeshop

The WordPress Theme world is jam packed with eCommerce themes, as it is the most popular goldmine right now. But out of these thousands of themes, finding the one that looks good to the eyes, feels good I terms of user interface and works good regarding the performance is necessary to keep up a fully functional eCommerce website.

Woocart by MyThemeShop is one such WordPress eCommerce theme that scores well on each of the criteria while providing tons of customization options along the way.

A Design Layout That Stands Apart

The design layout is what defines an eCommerce website, and is probably the most important factor behind the success of an online shopping portal. The talented developers at MyThemeShop understand the importance of user experience, which is clearly reflected in the fluidic layout of the theme.

Whether it is the wide sized featured images on the homepage or the beautifully designed icons showcasing the different categories, everything is a feast for the eyes to see.

The design of Woocart is not only efficient in providing access to every relevant page of the website, but also offers an enticing experience to the users, compelling them to take a peek into your sales pages and featured products. The animated menu for mobile devices offers an equally interactive shopping experience for mobile users, and the drag & drop Homepage functionality makes customization much more convenient.

Makes Products More Desirable To The Customers

Since the buyers are looking online for better prices and high-quality products, your only sales point is the way your products are presented on the website. Whether it is the images of the products or the readability of the text on the website page, everything needs to be attractive to the customers. All of this has been considered and beautifully integrated into the Woocart WordPress Theme.

With the addition of Lightbox and Product Zoom, the product images appear more intriguing, the carousel based categories makes browsing much easier and the numerous background patterns ensure that the text visibility is always optimum. Moreover, the feature to compare different products under the same category helps the customers make the right choice and instantly add the product to their cart with the AJAX script.

Highly Optimized For And SEO

The Woocart eCommerce WordPress theme pushes the boundaries of customization, but none of it slows the theme down. The theme high optimization support with CSS3 and HTML5 coding, full customization settings with MyThemeShop Options Panel, record speed optimization and 17 power widgets along with several supported eCommerce plugins from WooCommerce.

With Schema integration for better online visibility and the beautiful parallax page scrolling feature, Woocart has been optimized extensively to perform at its best all the time.

The entire online business of a website rests on its visibility and outreach to the masses, and this is a section where the Woocart eCommerce theme gives it all to make sure that visitors come to your website in hoards, and go back as customers.

With built-in search engine optimization support, social media sharing support and integrated blog support for increased traffic and web site activity, your customers will always be tempted to add “just one more” product to their shopping cart before they check out.


Download Woocart

This theme deserves to be among the top WordPress eCommerce websites since it has been optimized in terms of user experience as well as performance. With the numerous HD video tutorials, round the clock customer support and one-click installation, you don’t even need to be a tech-guru to get started on your way.

For those who are determined to work their way up to the next Amazon or eBay, or those who are losing valuable traffic due to their outdated design as sluggish functionality, the Woocart WordPress theme can be the platform for you to take off your business.

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