15Zine WordPress Theme For Any Magazine or Newspaper Website

It is no secret that people love spending hours of their lives reading and knowing more about the world around them. While the century may have been dominated by newspapers and hefty magazines, the digital age has changed everything. Whether it is the information on the latest technological advancements in science, or what the famous celebrities are doing this summer, you can find out everything you need with online newspapers and magazines.

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But if you are more interested in creating an online fellowship and enjoy fat profits on advertisements, you need the 15Zine Magazine Theme by ThemeForest to do it. The 15Zine WordPress theme has been created with the latest trends in mind, with features that makes it a brilliant review theme as well. With a homebrew page builder and a crisp user interface powered by modern layout, your newspaper and lifestyle magazine website will always have the leading edge.

15Zine Newspaper WordPress Theme

15Zine Magazine Theme

It is no surprise that the 15Zine Theme comes with a beautifully crafted review system, since that is what Cubell themes are known for. But this WordPress theme should not be considered just another niche magazine and newspaper website theme. The 15Zine is the perfect blend between the minimalist modern website design and magazine website functionality.

The optimized theme runs smoothly with multiple browser compatibility, boasts a nuclear homepage for a vibrant viewing experience and includes numerous image styles to mesmerize the users. Whether it is the smooth Parallax scrolling effect that catches your eye, the full-screen photos that make you want to them click them right away, or a beautiful fonts that make reading a pure pleasure, 15Zine theme will make the visitors fall in love with your website.

An All-In-One Homepage

When it comes to selecting the right style for your homepage, you need all the layout and design options that you can get. Crafting the perfect homepage is a bare necessity, especially for a magazine website as it depends on visitor impressions. With 15Zine Theme, you get 9 vibrant blog style layout options to select from, so your home page will as always be as unique as you are.

Breaking the tradition of going with page builder plugins, the 15Zine Theme comes with a homebrew page builder. The drag & drop page builder will help you create the right homepage, so you can kiss the short codes goodbye. With 4 unique grid modules, 4 different sliders and a hybrid grid/slider to display all the interesting content you have to offer, the homepage of the 15Zine Theme truly brings everything out for the visitors to view.

Powerful Review Options

If you are looking forward to creating a state of the art technology blog, or a movie/TV flick website, you need a review system. A review system in any website has always been an attractive feature, and encourages the users to interact with each other through the common medium.

The developers of the 15Zine WordPress Theme have put in special efforts with multiple review styles such as points, percentage based and stars based review system. Attention has been paid to every intricate detail in the review system, from the subtitle under the final score to the pros and cons points to help users understand each aspect of the aspect being reviewed. The administrative power given to you for turning the user ratings on and off makes sure that the review stays legitimate.

Special Post Features

Most of the information, pictures and videos that your newspaper or magazine website posts will be from other sources. Since most magazine website is loaded with content, you would need multiple writers as well. With 15Zine Theme, you can mention the source right under the content, and co-author posts as well. Moreover, you can use a special font for each post and create a slider gallery within the post as well.

Ecstatic Design Features

Starting with the most important aspect of any website these days, this theme is highly responsive and looks beautiful on any screen size. The Megamenu as well as the Search has been powered by Ajax, so you don’t have to worry about the annoying page loading each time you look something up on the website. The integrated Page Builder makes it buttery smooth to create new and unique page styles, while the featured image system makes sure that the trending posts are viewed more.

The Final Verdict

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The 15Zine Magazine and Newspaper Theme by ThemeForest is one that won’t go out of style very soon. Whether it is the fluidic design and layout of the homepage, or the flexibility and customization options this theme boasts, you will have something new and unique to do with the 15Zine.

Using the artistically crafted and designed rating system is highly recommended, as it brings authority to your website. The best about this WordPress Magazine and Newspaper theme is the fact that is it regularly updated and empowered with latest features frequently. With the 15Zine Theme, your website will always have the cutting edge modern look and feel.

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