Start a Business Directory With Vantage WordPress Theme

Business directories play an important role for the fact that at one extreme, these directories help businesses to get found and known, and at the other extreme, they help individual users find the business that they are searching for.

Of course there are other benefits as well as brand image and backlinks.

How about starting your business directory website where you will list businesses for a small fee? You can make tons of money if you manage to promote and run your website successfully.

There are a lot of people out there who make a lot of money (potentially thousands of dollars) every month from their directory websites. You can do the same – all you need is Vantage WordPress theme.

Vantage is a business directory WordPress theme that has a lot of features but most importantly, it lets you setup your directory website in a few minutes.

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Vantage WordPress Theme Review

Vantage is created by AppThemes. This is not the first theme by App Themes, these guys have a huge list of themes and plugins for their users.

Vantage is a responsive theme that is ready-to-use that allows you to create a premium quality business directory website. It puts you in the driving seat with everything under your control from A to Z. What else you need?

Theme Features

There are a lot of great things about Vantage theme. Let’s have a closer look at some of them.

Multiple Monetization Options

There are several earning opportunities for you with this theme. There are built-in plans for users to choose from before submitting a listing.

Vantage wordpress theme review

These plans can be amended. You can set up your pricing plans as per need. You can run ads to make money and at the same time, you can charge per listing as well. This eventually creates multiple earning streams for you.

Custom Fields and Lots of Options

When users are adding a listing, they can choose as many details as possible. You can add custom fields that include a lot of options like currency, description, Facebook status and much more. This is a very feature-rich theme.

With every listing, there are tons of information that you can add ranging from pricing options to claimable listing to review status to location and more.

Vantage wordpress theme review

It gives you full control on every single listing with its listing page where you can add new listings and review submitted listings.

User Dashboard

Every user of your website (businesses) get their dashboard that can be managed via your site. Users can manage their profile, settings, choose plans, edit listings, check stats and control their entire profile as well as listings. You don’t have to worry about anything when users are on the work.

Review & Ratings

Website visitors can choose to rate and give their review to every single listing. If you want, you can disallow users to review listings.

Vantage wordpress theme review

This option is available on the listing page. This makes things easy for website visitors as they can see and compare listings based on real customer reviews.

Claim a Listing

With this feature, you can add another revenue stream by adding multiple listings to your website and then letting businesses claim listings for a price. This is one additional way of making money.

Besides, claim listings are also helpful in the sense that it allows businesses to claim listings that are mistakenly added by someone else.

Easy to Manage with Full Control

The control panel is extremely easy to use. While it is a simple theme with the easy control system, it provides you with full control over every single feature and aspect of your website.

Vantage wordpress theme review

Other prominent features include:

  • Advanced search option for your users that allow them to find the right listing that they are looking for by refining their search.
  • Google Maps is already integrated and with every business listing (which has a valid physical address), users see a complete street map.
  • Vantage theme comes with its blog.
  • Fully integrated with leading social media platforms.
  • An SEO optimized theme.
  • You get full control on all the listings as well as on users.
  • Theme supports multiple languages.


Vantage wordpress theme review

You can choose either Standard or Developer license. The standard license is priced at $99 while Developer license is priced at $159.

If you have Club membership of App Themes, you can get this theme for free.

Conclusion and Verdict

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If you ask me, I’d recommend this theme for the fact that it has a lot of features and with so much on offer, you have control over everything. You can amend it, you can transform it into a theme that you and your customers will love and above all, it is a ready-to-use theme.

Creating a business directory website with Vantage WordPress theme is not an issue. It comes packed with everything that you can think of.

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