uDesign WordPress Theme By ThemeForest: A True Gem

The world of WordPress is best known for its versatile content management capabilities, but every now and then, an incredible WordPress theme or plugin makes you wonder about its limitless possibilities. Breaking the barriers of the generic features and design options, every now and then you will find a WordPress theme that blows you away with its extravagant user experience.

Download uDesign WordPress Theme

UDesign by ThemeForest is one such boon from WordPress, which is a dynamic theme that will change the life of any WordPress developer for good. Best described as a do-it-yourself WordPress theme, uDesignhas been among the best-selling themes of all time.This WordPress theme vests the power in the hands of the developers to design the entire website, without writing a single line of code.

What Makes uDesign So Popular?

The uDesign theme has been loved by the users, with several hundred glowing review and more than 40,000 purchases. The latest upgrades of uDesign 2.0 offer even more incredible features along with the elegant design that thousands of customers all over the world have integrated into their websites.

Incredibly User-Friendly

Considering the amount of advanced features that have been incorporated into the uDesign WordPress theme, working your way through the back end is highly simplified. With little or no knowledge about web designing, setting up the website will take no time at all. You can bring out all the beautiful design elements by enriching colors into the text, backgrounds, menu links and other aspects of the website.

Changing the entire look and feel of the uDesign Theme takes just a few seconds, and the 600+ fonts along with additional Google fonts help you make the content look the way you want it to. With the simplified design customizations, you can change each inch of your website and make it look the way you want, without any programming knowledge required.

Optimized For Search Engines

Each aspect of the uDesign WordPress theme has been created to compliment the processes of search engine optimization. This WordPress theme has been developed keeping in mind the importance of ranking high on the SERP. In order to help the content to be crawled first by the search engine bots, the main block of content is placed above the sidebar, no matter where it is placed.

Another important feature incorporated into the uDesign WordPress theme in terms of search engine optimization is the Heading tags assessment. On the home page of the theme, the H1 tag is automatically assigned to the name of the website, along with the rest of the archives, posts, and pages. The main title of each of the posts is also automatically assigned the H1 tag. Moreover, the speed test of the website has received 10 out of 10 in several tests, which additionally helps the website ranks higher on the search engines.

Brilliantly Responsiveness Layout

While responsive layouts have become a staple feature in websites, the uDesign theme takes it a step further with added customization for mobile layout. No matter what device is used to browse the site, the user experience is always at the forefront. Adding special customization to the mobile layout, this theme offers two separate menus for the mobile version.

Another noteworthy customization for mobile devices is the feature to use a separate logo design for the mobile website. Additionally, if you would like to keep your website restricted to desktop viewing only, the feature to turn off the mobile responsive layout has also been integrated into the uDesign WordPress theme.

Enhanced Support

The unprecedented popularity of the uDesign theme has led to the continued support of the development of the theme. In order to open up the theme to website developers all over the world, multilingual support has been added to uDesign. In order to use this extremely flexible WordPress theme for eCommerce purposes, this theme has been integrated with WooCommerce support as well.

The customer support for uDesign WordPress theme is available round the clock. With a well-established uDesign Support Forum filled with thousands of answered questions, you can get the answer to any of your queries in minutes.

The Final Verdict

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While there are several WordPress themes that push the limits of customizable designs, none performs as well as uDesign Theme by ThemeForest does. Bending the limits of website design, this theme gives the entire control of the website design into the hands of the developer.

This WordPress theme has been the highest selling theme and has been featured several times for its full range of flexible attributes, zippy responsiveness, and overall build quality. uDesign is a multipurpose theme that will always be a useful weapon in your website development arsenal.

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