Create Online Marketplace With Walleto WordPress Theme

Are you planning to start your e-commerce store? Are you interested in selling products and services on your website?

If so, you need to choose an e-commerce WordPress theme.

When it comes to e-commerce WordPress themes, you have a lot of options to choose. Walleto theme is one among them that has some remarkable features that make it better than most of its competitor themes.

I recently had the privilege of using, testing and reviewing Walleto WordPress theme.

Walleto WordPress Theme Review

It is a simple, clean and decent WordPress theme for e-commerce stores. The design is pretty much traditional, but the features that it brings with it are awesome. Some of these features are cool.

You can showcase your products (including digital products) on the website with description, price, picture, product details and customer reviews (that are based on real customer reviews).

Walleto WordPress Theme Review

It supports a lot of payment options including PayPal, Skrill, Authorize.Net, Google Wallet and others. All these payment processing gateways are already fully integrated with the theme.

One of the best things about Walleto theme is that it can allow users to create their WordPress store where they can sell products. Within the user account, users just cannot track their orders but they can start selling products using your store. In fact, they can create their stores. Now this is a powerful feature where you can recruit affiliates.

walleto theme from sitemile

Walleto Theme Features

Some of the major features of Walleto theme are stated below.

  • A very powerful WordPress theme with a lot of features.
  • The user interface is extremely easy. You don’t need any training to start using the theme. Install it, and you are right onto it.
  • The ability to let your customers create their stores from within member’s area is simply awesome.
  • You can integrate any leading payment processor with extreme ease.
  • It provides you full control on every feature, every product, and every user account.
  • Your e-commerce store can be translated into any language. The translation file is included in the theme pack.
  • It has its shopping cart.
  • Sellers and buyers can communicate via private message feature.
  • You can use Walleto to create your ecommerce store, or you can use it to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers, or you can use it for both.
  • There are multiple monetization tools available to choose from.
  • Availability of e-wallet.
  • Users can login to your store via their Twitter or Facebook account.

Getting Started With Walleto Theme

Installing, customizing and getting started with Walleto theme is easy and fun. It is a plug and play theme which means you just have to install it, and that’s it. As soon as you install and activate it, it is ready to use.

But this is not a recommended way to use Walleto theme. You should do the necessary changes, and you must make it better and must align it with your business and store.

walleto site settings

After installing the theme, you will see a Walleto tab in the dashboard. Click on it and you will see a lot of setting options.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are a lot of settings and options that you must take care of. Depending on the type of your e-commerce store, you can play around with these settings.

Adding Products

When you have to add products to your store, you can go to Products from the menu and click on Add New Product. The best thing about adding new products is that you have to do it just like you add a new post.
This makes it extremely easy to add new products and at the same time, you get access to all the features of traditional WordPress posts.

walleto products


  • A simple multi-purpose WordPress theme for starting your ecommerce store or even an e-commerce marketplace.
  • It has a lot of features that are normally not found in other similar WordPress themes.
  • It comes with a lot of payment processing options.
  • Adding products, managing the website, users and managing the entire database is extremely easy.
  • Walleto theme is quite affordable. You just have to pay once, and the theme is yours for a lifetime.


My only concern is the design of the e-commerce store. The design is bit traditional.


Download Walleto Now

Walleto WordPress theme is an extremely cool theme. You can start your e-commerce store, or you can create a marketplace for sellers where they will showcase their products on your store. In both the cases, you will be in the driving seat, and you will be able to make money via multiple monetization options.

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