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There are a lot of ways to create a business directory to make money by listing businesses and websites. You can create a business listing website via WordPress. There are multiple WordPress themes available for creating a business directory, Buzzler Business Directory theme is one among them that stands out from the crowd due to its killer features.

Let’s find out all about this amazing WordPress directory theme.

Buzzler Directory Theme Review

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Buzzler Business Directory is a responsive WordPress theme that is designed for creating business directory or business listing websites. It is a ready-to-use theme that doesn’t require any additional tools or plugins.

Being the admin, you have full control on all features and all the listings. You are at the driving seat, and it is extremely easy to manage this theme. It has built-in payment packages that users can choose from – free, paid or featured listing.

It is one of the easiest business directory WordPress theme in the market. Here are some exclusive features of Buzzler directory theme.

Multiple Languages

It comes with its POT/PO file that enables you to edit the language as per your need. You can use any WordPress plugin to translate your website into any language of your choice. Alternately, you can use POEDIT that lets you translate the PO file into any language. This makes Buzzler Business Directory a global theme for webmasters all over the world.

Multiple Payment Methods


There are a lot of payment methods available via which users will pay the listing fee. Major payment methods include:

  • PayPal
  • Skrills
  • Payza
  • PayFast

With a developer license, you get more payment options but with a standard license, you get three payment options only.



Geo-targeting and geo-tagging are a built-in feature that make things easy for the visitors. You can even launch your geo map directory with this theme. Google map is fully integrated and is shown with every listing – making it easier for visitors to find their business on the map.

Five Different Layouts


You can choose from 5 different designs. The number of columns varies in every design.

Multiple designs can change the entire look and design of your website in no time. Selecting and applying the changes doesn’t need any time. You just have to choose the desired layout from the control panel, and that’s it.

Three Listing Options

Buzzler Business Directory WordPress theme has three built-in listing options including:

  1. Free
  2. Paid
  3. Feature

Users can choose from these three types of listings while posting their listing. You control the price of the paid listings. You can set any cost, or if you want, you can add more listing options.

User Dashboard

This is an interesting feature that allows your website users with their dashboard with features like adding listings, watch list, etc. Every user will have access to this dashboard where everything (related to listings and personal settings) can be controlled by the user himself. This is an exceptionally great feature that is not usually available with other business directory WordPress themes.


This is another interesting feature that allow users to claim their business listing if it has been posted by someone else. Users can claim any listing and can send a request to the admin. Being the admin, you will receive all such requests. You can approve or reject any claim.

Advanced Search


Finding listings is extremely easy with Buzzler Business Directory. There are multiple search features that let visitors find businesses and listings based on their location, category, radius, address and zip code. Besides, you can add custom search fields to make things simpler for the visitors. This is a feature that will surely be loved by your audience.


Buzzler Business Directory WordPress theme comes with four different licenses. There is something for everyone with this theme.

  1. Single License allows you to use the theme on a single website. You get access to all the features, but you cannot remove credits from the website.
  2. Mixed License is for a single website with access to all the features. You can, however, remove credits from your site.
  3. Developer License allows you to use the theme on multiple websites including that of your clients with exceptional customer support.
  4. Extra Developer License gives you all the features of Developer License with a few additional features that are perfect for large websites (like transaction manager).


Download Buzzler Theme

Buzzler Business Directory WordPress theme is nothing less than a dream come true. If you have ever been through the pain of creating and managing a listing website or a business directory, you will love this theme for all the ease that it brings with it.

Not only that it is easy to administer theme, but it provides you with full control over every single aspect of your website. If you are interested in providing a review feature to your visitors, you can integrate it with Buddy Press to take your site to the next level.

Options and features are potentially unlimited, it all ends on how you use it for your best use.

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