Templatic Launches Eventum WordPress Theme For Events

Remember the “good old days” of yellow pages when you had to spend hours looking through them? Thanks to the Internet and the widely used online classifieds and web directories, all the localized information you need is just a few clicks away.

WordPress has been at the forefront of creating interactive online classifieds and web directories to keep you hooked up to the information you need about the local food scene, products and services available, along with loads of other information.

Eventum Templatic

In order to enhance the web directory experience and integrate an event portal, WordPress offers the Eventum by Templatic to redefine event management once and for all.

The Eventum theme has been created with all the essence of the famous Directory Theme by Templatic. Built directly upon a robust and feature rich online directory, Eventum has the unique addition of event management and information, which is one of a kind.

Exceptional Features Of Eventum

This advanced event portal theme has been built for the ultimate user experience, with added functionality to give your website the kind of look that makes it stand out of the ordinary. With a homepage that gives all the information you would need, responsive viewing, personalized user profile pages and much more, Eventum theme will help you create an exceptional event directory website.

Unique Social Directory Experience

While social media networking websites offer an ideal way to look up the latest events and upcoming shows in your local neighborhood, it lacks a certain amount of public appeal.

With Eventum, your humble WordPress online directory website can become a beacon to attract locals and well as visitors from all over to check out the latest happening events in their local regions, know all sorts of information about the event and also submit upcoming events themselves.

The different categories help the users sort out the event they are interested in attending. For instance, while families would be interested in attending a family event, singles and couples might enjoy a music festival or a special night out at the local club. Sorting out is easy, and helps you view all the past events, current events that are going on, as well as the details of the upcoming events.

With a well defined description page for each of the events submitted by you or the users, Eventum offers an interactive page to view all the information such as start and end date of the event, the timings, official website, location of the event, participation fees, registration options and much more.

Powered By Directory Theme

Starting with the basics, the foundation on which this impressive event directory has been constructed is institutional in itself and has been among the most popular WordPress directory themes out there.

Whether you plan to create a tiny local directory, or wish to go big with a national classifieds of properties, listings, services and events, the Directory theme that rests in the heart of Eventum has all the functionality you could wish for.

If you wish to capitalize off your online WordPress directory website, you can make the best out of the monetization options that this theme offers. By charging for content submission, creating monthly chargeable plans for listings and creating recurring payments, you can turn your humble web directory into a money minting machine.

With more than 4000 states out of 200 countries that are preloaded into the theme, you can go global with your web directory with no huss and fuss involved.

Integrated Functionality For Event Planning

More than a website to view upcoming events and register for them, Eventum theme takes event planning to a whole new level. You can create recurring events on a day-to-day basis, weekly basis, monthly as well as on yearly basis and gives the visitors the same functionality as well. From the details page of the events, you can RSVP to the events you wish to attend and then viewing them from the main dashboard.

For monetization and publicity of the listings, they can be directly connected to the events. For instance, a local bar can enlist onto your website, create an event for special discounts of Friday nights and help draw more customers in, helping themselves with more clientele and helping you with subscription fees.

The cherry on top of the event planning functionality of the Eventum theme is its integration with Facebook, allowing you to sign in with your Facebook account and display the Facebook events on your profile page.

The Final Verdict

Download Eventum

While online directories have been around for more than a decade now, Eventum Theme by Templatic brings in the social factor in the web directory scene that fits in gorgeously. Backed by the famous Directory theme, the Eventum theme package will help you create a lavish web directory that brings out the best of social event planning.

The developers have put their heart into ensuring that the mobile interface of the Eventum theme is spot on since most of the traffic is driven by mobile devices. Empowered by Google Maps and integrated with revolutionary features, the Eventum theme will help you develop an event planning platform that changes the way people look at directory websites.

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