Salient By ThemeNectar: Craft Several Websites From One Theme

Whether you are the owner of the website who is spending money on a premium WordPress theme or the developer who is setting up a website for the client, multipurpose themes are always a preferred choice. The elaborate reach of WordPress makes it possible to create several different kinds of the website on a singular content management platform, and multipurpose themes make your work much easier.

Salient WordPress Theme

If you are in search for a multipurpose WordPress theme which offers the comfort of similar back-end controls, but gives off a fresh front end experience, The Salient Theme by ThemeForest is just the right fit. Built as an ultra sleek theme, Salient offers a design that will bring out the beauty in any kind of website. Whether you are creating a stylish blog, a company website or need to show off your product and services in the form of an elegant portfolio, you will absolutely love the Salient Theme.

Prominent Features Of The Salient Theme

While this WordPress theme is built to be used for several types of websites, several features of Salient Theme will catch your eye if you are in search for the perfect portfolio website. Maintaining the equilibrium between design and functionality, this theme has all been equipped with all the necessary features and more to keep up with the increasing demands.

The Salient Theme not only does a marvelous job of keeping the visitors intrigued with beautiful design and sleek user interface with its mobile responsiveness, but will also keep your website SEO friendly with the clean coding and high compatibility.

Built With Creativity

If the purpose of your website is to bring out your creative work in front of your customers, no WordPress theme could do a better job than Salient. The ability of this theme to play videos in the background of the layout is truly a magnificent addition and will surely capture the attention of the visitors at a glance. This innovative feature is ideal for designers, photographers, directors and other art related professionals to display their talents.

The developers behind the Salient Theme have paid attention to all the small designing details, which have added up to make this theme unique. Empowered by jQuery, this theme shrinks the size of the logo as you begin to scroll down to view the entire page. This feature is trendy, improves the focus on readability and looks so good. The clean layout of the Salient Theme is great for interactive readability as well, but you might have to work on the default color scheme to do that.

Brilliant Portfolio Options

For those of you who are eying the Salient Theme for the mesmerizing design and minimalist layout, are probably looking forward to using it as an online portfolio website. The developers at ThemeNector have added more than just a few drops of innovation when designing the portfolio options.

Businesses need a column based portfolio to advertise their products and services while others may need an imagery based portfolio to draw the customers through visual power. Thus, the Salient Theme offers three different types of portfolio options to accommodate any requirements that you may have.

1. Columns

Download Salient WordPress Theme

The columns portfolio options offer two separate kinds of layouts, the default layout of 3 columns and the alternative layout of 4 columns. Three types of portfolio styles have also been provided to help you get a better idea.

2. Full-Width

Salient WordPress Theme Download

Perfect for photography portfolios, the full-width portfolio option offers five different layouts to give you an impressive visual experience.

3. Single Page

Salient Theme ThemeForest

The single page portfolio option is ideal for when you are in the development phase of your business and do not much work to show for. With the help of the shortcodes and the versatile Nectar Page Builder, you can design your single page portfolio the way you want, and then add more later on.

Ready For Business

If you are planning to harness the minimalist design and clean coding of the Salient Theme to create an online store, don’t worry about looking for the right e-Commerce plugin. With the seamless integration of WooCommerce, you have the most powerful e-Commerce plugin by your side to help you create your website into a revenue generating hub.

Selling your products and services directly from the same portal is always an added advantage for freelance designers, photographer, and artist. By adding a shopping portal to your portfolio website, you increase your chances of being hired and making a sale.

The Final Verdict

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The Salient Theme by ThemeNectar does a commendable job of providing an artistic WordPress The theme in a compact package. The developers have created each element of this theme in a user-friendly manner, so all you need is some basic WordPress skills to create the website of your dreams.

For anyone who is professionally connected any form of art, all the minute details in design will be appreciated. The fully responsive design does a fine job of displaying the website with the same integrity as on the desktop screen. The dependable customer support will be there to help you through the entire process and thereafter, so you won’t have to run around the WordPress forums with a puzzled mind.

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