15 Free Online Website Speed Test Tools

The Page Load Time factor has become a dictating factor for not only keeping the visitors interested, but has a significant impact on Search Engine Optimization as well. While the page load speed is mostly dependent on the internet connection and hosting server of the website, there can be several other factors that make your website load faster.

With these online website speed test tools, you can find out loading speed of your website, along with the areas you need to improve to reduce your page load time.

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Website Speed Test Tools

1. Google PaseSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed Test

PageSpeed Insights acts as the perfect online speed test tool for web developers and analysts to evaluate their page load time. The Add-on tool of Google PageSpeed Insights provides a complete report and suggests the necessary changes to make your website even faster.

2. Free Speed Test

Free Speed Test

If you are looking for an online speed test tool to determine not only the load speed of your website, but that of your internet as well, FreeSpeedTest is the way to go. This simple design allows you to gauge the speed by combining graphic and text files.

3. GTMetrix Online Website Speed Test

Gtmetrix Online Speed Test

For web developers, analysts and SEO specialists, GTMetrix is a powerful tool to monitor and improve website speed. Based on the performance of your website, GTMetrix grades different aspects and provides suggestions to fix the issues. This online tool is also available as a WordPress plugin, so you can keep your website optimized all the time.

4. PageTest

Pagetest Online Speed Test

This simple yet powerful tool has been around for many years, and can help you keep a track of the speed performance of your website on all fronts. With the data from PageTest, you can identify the areas where the issues lie and fix them to boost your website loading speed.

5. WebPageTest

Web Page Test

If you are looking for an online speed test service that takes performance reports to a whole new level, you are sure to love WebPageTest. You can check the speeds from different servers all over the world, perform an advanced test with content block, video capture and much more, along with helpful suggestions as well.

6. Load Impact

Load Impact Test

Load Impact online speed test service is a veteran in speed test solutions, which has free basic features and premium features available as well. Ideal for e-Commerce and other content-heavy websites that need speed optimization, Load Impact has already delivered more than 700,000 speed tests.

7. YSlow Online Speed Test

Yslow Speed Test Website

YSlow has been developed by Yahoo! (Open Source) to help web developers and analysts create websites that not only rank well in the SERP, but provide a faster user experience as well. The Firefox Add-on provides you all the numbers and improvement suggestions to ring in high performance in your domain.

8. WebSitePulse

Website Speed Test Tools

With a user interface that is quite basic, the speed test service by WebSitePulse offers a simple method to analyze the speed of your web page. You can select the contents (Java, Flash, .PNG) that you wish to include in the speed test, and select among the 3 servers located in the different parts of the world.

9. Which Loads Faster

Website Speed Test

Are you looking for a speed test service to compare your website with the competing sites side by side simultaneously? Which Loads Faster is an online speed test service that does just that, and provides a set of tools to improve your page load speed as well.

10. Pingdom

Pingdom Web Site Speed Test

Pingdom has been created to help web developers analyze their website in the early stages and make the suggested improvements to skyrocket their speed. Apart from measuring whether the web page loads fast or slow, it also hints at whether the size of the content on the page is too much for the server to handle.

11. Neustar

Neustar Speed Test Free

The online website speed test service provided by Neustar enables you to monitor and optimize your website page load speed no matter where you are located. By identifying the web performance barriers, this tool suggests the required changes to optimize the web page.

12. Show Slow

Showslow Computer Speed Test

This open source website speed monitoring tool works on various metrics together to deliver a the result of other speed test services such as YSlow and Google PageSpeed Insights. With the graph ranking of WebPageTest and dynaTrace, it offers a complete understanding of the aspects that affect the performance of your website.

13. WebToolHub Speed Test Tool

Web Tool Hub

WebToolHub is a collection of useful online tools and services for content and website optimization, among which is the Website Speed Test tool. The simple user interface allows you to enter the URL of the site you wish to analyze. You can mark the “show advanced information” tab to get a deeper insight into the metrics of the website.

14. Pylot

Website Speed Test Online

The Pilot Web Performance Tool is an open source service that tests the scalability and performance of your website. By generating HTTP requests, verifying the responses from the servers and producing reports, you get the most accurate results each time you monitor the speed of your website.

15. SEOMastering

Pylot Online Speed Checker

This free and efficient speed test tool offers all the details, right down to the time it requires to fetch the control packet from the host. By displaying the reaction time and value of packet loss, this online website speed test service by SEOMastering shows you exactly how long your website takes to load a particular page.

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