15 Websites To Send eCards On Mother’s Day

They say that the most beautiful word in the English language is “mother”, and there’s hardly anything to argue about that. Our moms brought us into this world and have been our guiding light as we grew up. While Mother’s Day only comes once a year, you should undoubtedly celebrate all the gifts your mother has given you over the years every day.

But the problem for some is that we live too far away from home, and maybe sending a lovely mother’s day card would take forever to reach your beloved mom. So how about using an electronic greeting card to bring a glowing smile to your mother’s face?

If you think that eCards are not good enough, these 15 websites that offer incredible Mother’s Day eCards will compel you to feel otherwise.

1. Mother’s Day eCards


If your mom is a classic lover of color and artsy design, she will love her Mother’s Day surprise from Katie’s Cards. With a wide range of amiable and serene styles to choose from, have fun giving your mom a personalized greeting card on her special day.

2. Paperless Post


Cards made from paper are always a preferred choice, since they bring the truly personal feel the card, so why not bring it to the eCards? The eCards created by Paperless are crafted just like delicate paper cards, displaying some beautiful designs and patterns to form a perfect Mother’s Day greeting card.

3. American Greetings


One of the most popular online greeting cards website, AmericanGreetings offers a premium experience when it comes to any form of eCard. The paid membership of this website is worth every cent, since it offers some of the top quality collections of Mother’s Day greetings cards available online.

4. Ojolie


Mother’s day is all about letting your mom know how much you love her and appreciate her for being there all your life. So honor your mom with some artistic and heartwarming eCards from Ojolie.

5. Jacquie Lawson


Use the eCards from Jacquie Lawson to make your mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and play her favorite tunes in the background. With beautiful artwork and calming music, a greeting card from this website will make her day even more special.

6. JibJab


What is the use of an eCard if you cannot make it more interactive for your mom? With the Mother’s Day greeting cards from JibJab, try something new this year with marvelously animated cards and haikus to send your mother.

7. BlueMountain


BlueMountain offers a wide range of free greeting cards, but their wide collections for paying members is what will catch your eye the first time. With heartwarming poems that come with artistic illustrations, to comical cards and interactive ones, there is something for everybody here.

8. Birthday Alarm


On contrary to what the name may suggest, BirthdayAlarm hosts an extravagant collection of Mother’s Day eCards as well. Your mom can choose the flowers for the greeting, and you can even send her hugs and kisses with the eCard, showing exactly how much she means to you.

9. Group Card


Wishing your mom together is always a great surprise, but how do you surprise her on her special day through an eCard? This is where GroupCard comes in to help you create a great card, and allows others to sign on the card as well.

10. Care2


Care2 offers a great way to let your mother know how much you love her, while helping the environment as you do so. With the paid membership on Care2 you can send your mom great greeting cards, while a part of the revenue from your membership goes to helping the environment.

11. 123Greetings


Apart from offering a wide range of lovable and comedic greeting cards for Mother’s Day, 123Greetings has been offering several wonderful collections. With the personalized designs of 123Greetings, you can rest assured that your eCard will make your mom smile.

12. Deepest Feelings


Sometimes going old school and sending your mom the typical eCard that is filled with flowers and colors can be a great way to express your feelings. With the several charming collections of eCards, your mom will definitely feel special this Mother’s Day.

13. eCards


If your mom is the artistic types and does appreciate good illustrations, she will love the eCards by Jan Brett. With cards that are drawn with care and illustrated beautifully, you can never miss the spot with a Mother’s Day eCard by Jan Brett.

14. Mother’s Day eCards


You are going to send out just one greeting card to your mom, so it better be really good. With a small yet delightful collection from Heartlight, you will find a bundle of eCards that will be just perfect.

15. Mother’s Day eCards


The reason eCards have become a growing trend is because they offer interactive animation and effects that paper cards just cannot. A fine example of such eCards are available at Bloompetals, which offer a flowery and mesmerizing set of greeting cards for all the great moms out there.

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