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With the incorporation of the internet in every competitive business sector, it is crucial for your establishment to create an online presence. While a simple website to show your virtual dominance may have been an effective marketing strategy in the past, all kinds of businesses need to stay at the top of their game in every field.

If you are a travel and hospitality agency or own a hotel of your own, you need more than just brochures and word of mouth to help your customers find the best reservations.

Hotel Master WordPress Theme

More than just an attractive website with beautiful imagery to mesmerize the customers, you need a web portal that helps your customers make reservations with ease. If you re looking for a hotel website theme that does that job of keeping the front-end glamorous, yet need the back-end capabilities of an advanced booking system, the Hotel Master Theme by ThemeForest is worth looking into. With a website powered by this versatile theme, you can create a highly functional hotel booking system to make room reservations for any hotel or resort.

Hotel Booking WordPress Theme

The Hotel Master theme has been designed to stay easy to use for the customers, while comprising on no point when it comes to functionality. The simplicity of the hotel booking system allows the customers to easily browse through the different classes of hotel rooms and select the ones available. Since the website has been integrated with Ajax, you won’t have to worry about the page reloading each time you make a selection during the booking session.

With several additional features to improve the user experience of the website, the Hotel Master WordPress theme can be regarded as an ideal theme for any hotel or resort website. With several customization options and hotel booking system features, this theme will always give you added functionality at each step.

All About The User Experience

Whether it is the well defined hotel booking system that has been seamlessly integrated into the theme, or the Master Slider that has been included with the package, every aspect of the Hotel Master theme is built for an excellent user experience. Your customers will create the first impression about the hotel and their services based on what they see on the website, so a beautiful website with a well-defined user interface is a bare necessity.

In order to fulfil these necessities of an ideal hotel or resort website, this WordPress theme has been accompanied by a fully responsive design that makes the website look good, regardless of what device you use to browse it. By keeping the booking system of this theme simple, the customers can easily access the available rooms, make their reservations and save themselves a considerable amount of time and effort.

Powerful Room Booking System

For any hotel or resort website to generate revenue through customers who prefer making online bookings, the hotel booking system must be easy to use and powerful enough to handle the different requests. Regarded as one of the most versatile hotel booking system available in a WordPress theme, the Hotel Manager theme provides a user friendly interface for customers to view, select and book the room of their choice.

This hotel booking WordPress theme also enables the users to view the rooms they have booked with the booking management option. In order to make the payment function easier for the customers, the theme has been integrated with WooCommerce to provide multiple payment gateways.

Essential Additions

Coupons and discount vouchers are a great way to make customers feel that you value their money, and gives them the satisfaction as well. In order to help your hotel or resort keep up with the trend of discounts and coupons, the Hotel Master theme has been incorporated with a coupon code widget that allows the admin to create special coupon codes. These coupon codes can be used by the customers while making their reservation to redeem the discount or special additional services.

In order to entice the customers even more, the theme offers a seasonal price section that can be used to lure in more customers in a short period of time. By providing a special price for a certain number of rooms up to a day or date, you can make sure that your customers enjoy special prices during the off-peak season.

The Final Verdict

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A sad truth is that most hotels and resorts do not pay heed to the high amount of traffic their websites receive, and the large number of customers bounces back since they cannot find a smart and easy way to make their reservations.

The Hotel Master Theme by ThemeForest sets the standard for an ideal hotel booking theme with its focus on the two essential elements of user experience and smart design. While the responsive design and easy page builder help to make the website presentable and pleasing, the well-formulated hotel booking system does a fin job of making the reservation procedure a cakewalk.

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