Genesis WordPress Theme by StudioPress – A Review

If you have been in the world of WordPress long enough, you must have heard about the Genesis Theme by StudioPress, and for all the right reasons. For those who often feel that WordPress is best used as a blogging platform, the lightning speed and highly customizable functionality of this WordPress theme will change your mind.


There are certain themes in WordPress that have revolutionized the entire industry with their top-notch coding and robust functionality, and Genesis theme is in the heart of such themes.

Genesis has not only proved to be a crowned jewel for StudioPress, but has also formed a dependable platform for the development of several child themes based on the highly acclaimed Genesis Framework.

If you love WordPress for its state of the art content management capabilities, but still want the premium finish of a privately developed theme, Genesis theme will be your ultimate companion.

Looking Into The Genesis Framework

The genesis theme is essentially a framework that can be used by the developers and designers to build a personalized WordPress theme. Since all the firepower is artistically comprised into the framework of Genesis, the development process speeds up and all you have to do it add the bells and whistles you want, to give your WordPress theme a unique look that works for you.

While any theme provides an excellent framework base, Genesis goes the extra mile with its highly flexible attributes that change the way a website mainly works.

The High Flexibility

When it comes to flexibility and customization, Genesis theme is second to none, which is one of the biggest selling points of the theme. While most themes limit the customization of the website to the options and control panels, Genesis provides an integrated hook system that helps you make customizations and add content anywhere you want on the website.

Since the theme allows you to make changes to the code, you are not limited to the number of options provided in the customization panel, giving you the control of your website, without having to create the theme from scratch.

Genesis Visual Guide

Neat And Elegantly Coded

While a full range of customization option in the control panel of the theme may seem like a great idea, it brings a good amount of bloat to the website. While the developer may work on reducing the excess bloating, a good number of features that you will probably never use, are still on the back-end of the theme, making it sluggish for no reason.

The Genesis theme provides a light customization panel, along with clean coding to ensure that the website stays at blazing fast speed. Since all of the customization can be done directly through the code of the Genesis theme, the options panel contains just a few default options to keep the theme zippy and light.

Lightning Fast Response

Several attributes of the Genesis theme make it one of the fastest WordPress themes out there, and the items that are powered by the Genesis Framework, receive the same reward.

The neat and clean coding and minimal bloating through customization widgets greatly adds to the swiftness of the theme, which is not only a great way to boost user experience, but also helps the website rank well on the search engine ranking page for better SEO. Here are some of the statistics that are obtained when the Genesis theme is put through a speed test

GTmetrix Test:

  • Page speed grade score: B (89%)
  • YSlow grade score: A (95%)
  • The Total page loading time: 2.15s
  • The total page size: 174KB
  • The total number of requests: 10

Google PageSpeed:

  • Desktop Score: 78/100
  • Mobile Score: 64/100

Incredible Child Themes

Genesis has not only created an optimized platform for WordPress developers to create unique websites, but has also opened doors for StudioPress to create several excellent WordPress theme built on the foundation of the Genesis Framework.

These child themes have all the proper optimization attributes of Genesis, with the extra glitter provided by StudioPress to create a specialized website.

While StudioPress delivers the management and updates, you get all the customization options you could ask for. Genesis framework can be purchased with a large number of child themes available at StudioPress, and you can couple them for a neat discount. With more than a dozen child themes backed by Genesis Framework, you can have a highly optimized and customizable website out of the box.

The Final Verdict

Demo & Download

There are some themes that look good and help make WordPress more attractive, and then there is Genesis Theme by StudioPress that changes the way people look at WordPress websites.

Whether you are in it for the virtually unlimited customization options, top of the line SEO features, super fast speeds or the sharp looks, Genesis is a WordPress theme that will bring it all to you in a well formulated package. Once you get started with Genesis, you will wonder why did you ever used any other WordPress framework.

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