Foogo Pro – WordPress Business Theme Review

Foogo Pro WordPress Theme

The internet business world is growing and businesses everywhere are developing their web presence with beautiful websites. If you are yet to make yours or just want to give the old web portal a brand new look, Foogo Pro by InkThemes might just be the only thing you need.

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The creative team at InkThemes has created this enticing WordPress business website for the New Year, powered with a sleek design and responsive functionality.

Whether you are creating your business portfolio, or an elegant lifestyle blog, Foogo Pro will fit right in with ease.

With all the features you would need to highlight your best business attributes, this WordPress business theme will surely get your visitor conversion rates ticking with its simplistic yet stylish appeal.

Foogo Pro WordPress Theme Review

Foogo Pro has been designed in a way to attract the users with its simplicity, and hook them with its robust features and user experience. Comprised of 8 color skins that compliment the theme beautifully, Foogo Pro is compatible with different viewing devices and completely responsive.

This theme has been designed to let the customer get directly to the business, with easy navigation through the website and a dynamic homepage. The importance of search engine optimization has been kept in mind with Foogo Pro, and the theme focuses directly on conversion optimization.

Foogo Theme Options

The first preview of the Foogo Pro WordPress Business Theme is eye catching with its soft color templates and flat user interface for a modern look. With the usual spaces such as the logo space at the top right corner and a customizable menu, Foogo Pro does not start off with the typical image slider you see in modern websites these days.

Interestingly, Foogo Pro gets down to business with the tagline space and the main call to action button right at the beginning of the home page. This is quite a cheeky move to increase conversion rates as the target clientele will directly proceed to the main services and products offered by the business with the call to action button.

The exclusive slide show has been placed under the call to action button, which provides a right spotlight for you to present your specialties. But the publicity doesn’t end here, right after the slideshow bar, you can portray your top skills, products, and services in the four column feature area that has been integrated into Foogo Pro.

If you are looking to attract more visitors with special offers and promotional deals, you won’t have to add in the unattractive pop-ups since the theme has wonderfully integrated ad banners as well.

The user experience doesn’t end here, as the theme continues to provide more fodder to the clients with a featured blog section and a dedicated region to embed videos for interactive viewing. At the end of the homepage, you can show off the clients you have served in the past, projecting a good impression on the visitors and prospective customers.

Under The Hood

While the Foogo Pro theme gives off a simplistic and soothing vibe, there is no compromise in the firepower that has gone into the development of this theme.

With smooth breadcrumb navigation, pagination options, and wide customization options in the sidebar and footer widgets, you can add banners, navigation links, social media links and much more by just dragging and dropping them. The front page customizer widget gives you the freedom to change the appearance of your website the way you want to.

Making those changes and tweaks in the Foogo Pro theme is much easier with the custom CSS and the integrated SEO tools are just a bonus. The cross-browser experience, the unprecedented InkThemes Options panel will help you develop your business website by yourself, even if you are a beginner at WordPress.

But the true speed and power that is pumped into Foogo Pro comes from its robust coding and high compatibility options. With powerful HTML5 support and minimized loading time with JavaScript, your website will be fast and gorgeous at the same time. The fast loading is not only impressive to the viewers, but also helps the website rank higher in SERP (search engine ranking page) on the search engines.

The Final Verdict

Download Foogo

You can purchase the Foogo Pro by Inkthemes right away for $59

There is no doubt about the hard work that has gone into the design and coding of this WordPress Business Theme from InkThemes. But, what is more surprising is the way all the robust setup has been masked by an attractive and elegant layout and user interface.

Foogo Pro has been created for the businesses that need their customers to get straight to the order of business, and the call to action button setup portrays that.

With a robust design that is supported in tablets and mobile devices as well, provides a swift loading experience, which will definitely keep the users intrigued.

With the large bundle of customizations that are available with the theme and the SEO tools that come integrated with it, Foogo Pro provides a great deal of elements for different kinds of businesses to work on.

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