eMax eCommerce Theme by MyThemeShop – A Review

There was a time when people were hesitant buying something online, and now that is the only way most us shop. In the past decade, online shopping stores have quadrupled in number, and the numbers won’t be declining any soon. From multinational online retailers, to homegrown national online stores, the eCommerce industry is blooming progressively.

To become the next big name in eCommerce, you need a website that is compelling and appealing to the users at the same time. Both of these attributes and much more has been integrated into the eMaxStore Theme by MyThemeShop ingeniously.

eMax store WordPress Theme

For those who are looking to create a relatively strong yet lightweight eCommerce website, or wish to integrate an online store into their online blog, the eMaxStore eCommerce WordPress theme should fit in like a glove. Do not be fooled by the simplistic design and layout of this theme, as it packs a solid punch in terms of performance and functionality for the users as well as the developer.

Powered by the highly acclaimed WoCommerce WordPress plugin (preferred by 8 out of 10 WordPress eCommerce websites), you will be ready to get started with your online shopping website right away.

eMaxStore Theme Review

EMaxStore is more than satisfactory when it comes to fulfilling the basic requirements of a fully operational eCommerce website. It is highly responsive with a smooth user interface on different screen sizes and offers a fluidic design that makes navigation a breeze. The head grid is unique and is more product design oriented, which is always a welcoming addition to an online store.

The eMaxStore WordPress theme focuses on creating a premium online shopping experience but looks nothing like the regular eCommerce themes you would find online. But the dependency on style and design factor does not compromise the performance of the website, which is powered by the state of the art CSS3 and HTML5 coding.

Theme Features

Right from the start, the eMaxStore theme brings out the best of what you have to offer to your customers by highlighting your products on a mega-slider. This huge image slider right at the beginning works as the background image behind the main header of the website, which gives it an artsy appearance.

Using these images to highlight the latest collections, special offers and limited edition products can be a prime attribute for attracting customers the very first time they lay their eyes on the website. To improve the user experience and maintain the style factor of the product showcase, the “Wish List” and “Add to Cart” buttons besides the products have been made in Ajax code, so there won’t be any unnecessary reloading every time the customer selects a product.

eMax From MyThemeShop

Impressive Pagination Options

Efficient and user-friendly navigation system is the fundamental necessity of any eCommerce website, since customers browse through dozens of products. You don’t want them to never reach their desired product just because the navigation process is too complicated.

With the pagination options provided by the eMaxStore WordPress theme, the customers can either go to the next page for looking at another list of products, or just click to show more (Ajax script) to load more products on the same page.

You can decide the navigation layout you wish to have, depending on the products you are primarily focused on selling. These options help speed up the browsing process for the buyers, helping them make their purchases.

Innovative Product Page Display

Bringing out the attractive features of a product that you are selling on your eCommerce store, and providing the customer additional details about the product are all part of creating a better shopping experience.

With the eMaxStore eCommerce WordPress theme, you are not only able to showcase your product in style, but also allowed to provide multiple images of the product, detailed description and customer reviews about the product as well.

Each of these elements (especially the integrated review system of this theme) helps the customer in deciding whether the product fulfills their needs or not, helping them make a well-informed purchase.

Moreover, the useful sharing buttons for social media interaction, the compare product button, the wish list button and add to favorite list button makes the shopping experience more engaging and interactive for the customers as well as other people in the networking circles of the customers.

These features help not only the client by finding them the products they need, but also help you by exposing your online shopping portal to several other prospective customers with whom the products are shared on social media.

The Final Verdict

Download eMaxStore

It is quite apparent that the focus of the eMaxStore Theme is to help you get introduced to the world of eCommerce and open your wings as you progress.

While the basic layout and simplified setup indicate that the theme is ideal for beginners, the amount of power under to hood of this WordPress eCommerce theme is more than enough to handle your online shopping store, once it takes off.

The product highlighting features, the simple 3 step checkout process, the floating navigation system and the standardized blog page are all the attributes that you demand of a top notch eCommerce theme, and eMaxStore WordPress theme has it all.

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