DealPress WordPress Theme – A Review

You can make money on the internet in several ways. You can sell other people’s stuff, or you can manage to have your website and sell your own business, In-fact, you can create your brand.

Starting a group buying website or as it is known, in other words, as a daily deal website is one easy way to earn money by posting new deals and buying options for your visitors.

Now, starting such a website can turn out to be hectic as it is not a child’s play. You have to hire a couple of expert programmers and website designers if you are interested in creating such a site.

Thanks to SiteMile for creating a WordPress theme, DealPress Group Buying which will let you create a website that you will have full control on.

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DealPress WordPress Theme Review

DealPress WordPress Theme Review

The complete name of the theme is DealPress Group Buying which refers to the fact that it is a group buying theme where your users can purchase things in groups. It is a perfect theme for daily deals or even for weekly deals.

It is a dual-purpose theme that can be used either as a group buying website or as a daily deal website. It depends on you how you intend to use it. You can post deals daily, weekly or every alternate day.

It is a responsive WordPress theme that works equally good on all devices.

DealPress Features

Here is a list of some of the major and most prominent features of DealPress theme.

New Deals

Adding new deals and buying options to your website is extremely easy. All new listings and deals will be added from within WordPress just like you add a new post.

Every deal is a new post and thus it carries all the features of a regular WordPress post allowing you to format it, add tags, add categories, add price and you can add other features as well like countdown timers.

All these features make it extremely hassle-free to add new deals. You can do it yourself, or you can add contributors who will add deals that will need approval from the administrator.

Ready-To-Use Theme

One of the best things about DealPress WordPress theme is that it is an absolute plug and play theme in the real sense. It doesn’t need any other plugins or widgets to function properly. This has two significant benefits.

  • First, you can start using it immediately without installing (free or paid) complementary plugins.
  • Secondly and importantly, when you use essential plugins, it increases the speed of your website. There is a minimal load on the server providing a super-fast user experience.

PayPal Integrated

PayPal is the default and the only payment processor at this moment with DealPress. You can, though, request to add new payment methods, if you need but as long as you have PayPal, there is nothing to worry for.

Google Supportive

The theme supports Google Maps as well as Google analytics. When you are posting deals every single day, Google Maps come in handy as users can find the exact location of the store where they can get the discount. It provides visitors with the street view by default, so they don’t have to do anything at all.

Social Media Integration

Facebook and Twitter are fully integrated into the theme. With one-click, users can share deals on Facebook, and they can like deals as well. Twitter is also fully integrated where users can follow their favorite deal poster with a single click.

All the members of your website who post deals can add their Twitter details so that users can follow them.

Multiple Earning Methods

DealPress provides you with different earning methods. You can charge deal posters, you can run ads, you can earn a fixed percentage from deals and so on. In fact, you can make membership plans for deal posters where they have to choose a plan to start posting deals on your website.

If you know how to earn money from your website, you can easily make a lot of money without a lot of effort.


DealPress Group Buying theme is available in multiple licenses ranging from single license to developer license.

A single license is priced at $69.99 and is great for use on a single website. A mixed license is available for $99.99 and with this license you can remove credits from the bottom. Then we have Developer license priced at $149.99 where you can use the theme on the multiple websites.


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DealPress WordPress theme is one of the easiest to use and a perfect theme for starting a deal or group-buying site. It is beginner-friendly and provides you with a lot of features and services.

The only issue with this theme is that it has only one payment gateway at the moment, which is PayPal. As we all know that PayPal is not supported in all the countries, therefore, this might be an issue for the buyers.

Other than this tiny issue with the payment gateway, everything else is awesome about this theme. It is a worth trying theme if you are interested in starting a daily deal website.

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