Bloom Plugin Review – An Email Optin WordPress Plugin

If you are struggling to build your email list, one reason might be that you are not using the right tools to capture email addresses. You have to create attention-grabbing and catchy optin forms that will compel your audience to enter their email addresses to get on your list.

Bloom WordPress Plugin

If you are on WordPress and you are not using Bloom plugin, you are missing a lot of subscribers – and by a lot I mean thousands.

What is this Bloom WordPress plugin and what it can do for you, let’s find out all about it in Bloom review.

Bloom WordPress Plugin

Bloom WordPress Plugin Review

Bloom WordPress Plugin is an email optin plugin that lets you create those killer attention-grabbing optin forms for your WordPress site. Instead of using those traditional email optin forms you need to take a leap forward and try something that is superb.

Why use Bloom Plugin

So what is so special about Bloom and why you have to prefer it over other (so many) WordPress plugins that do the same thing?

Here are some of the features that make this tiny plugin superior to its competitors.

Better Optins

You just don’t have to choose those traditional pop-up optin forms instead you can now choose from six different options that include the usual pop-up, inline, fly ins, widget optins, content lock optins and below content.

Bloom Plugin Optins

This means you can now create multiple optin forms, and all of them will appear at different locations on your website and with different designs. This leads to better user engagement.

Flexible Settings

You control everything. You can design your optin forms in any way you like.
You can set your optin forms to show:

After a certain period

  • After purchase
  • After a user scrolls
  • After a comment
  • After inactivity
  • After a post is read

If you have ever used an email optin form, you’d know that normally you don’t get so many features with these plugins.

Prominent Features

  1. Six optin types to choose from.
  2. Extremely easy-to-use user interface (more on this coming soon).
  3. Easy integration with major email marketing services (around 12).
  4. You can choose a killer optin template from 100+ available templates to start right away.
  5. Everything is editable. You have full control on every single feature of your optin form.
  6. Target the right audience at the right time for enhanced optin rate.
  7. All the optins are responsive and work smoothly on all devices.
  8. Complete statistics and analytics of optin forms with painless A/B testing.

How to Setup Your First Optin

Create New Optin Bloom

One of the best things about Bloom is that it is extremely user-friendly. To make things easier for you, here are the steps to getting started with Bloom plugin and to set up your first optin.

Step 1 – Download Bloom WordPress plugin. Click here to download it.

Step 2 – Upload the zip file to your Plugins in WordPress dashboard. Head to Plugins, click on Add New, click on Upload Plugin and on the page that opens choose the zip file of the plugin.

Step 3 – Once Bloom has been installed and activated, you are ready to create your first optin. Click on the Optin Forms under Bloom in your WordPress dashboard.

Step 4 – Click on New Optin and choose the optin type. Give a name to your optin and choose your email provider from the dropdown menu.

Step 5 – Choose the template from the given templates, customize it and select appropriate display settings.

Bloom Display Settings

This is how easy it is to create your email optin. It hardly takes 5 minutes and the good thing is you can create as many optin forms as you want.


  1. An extremely easy-to-use WordPress plugin that doesn’t need much of training.
  2. Anyone with or without previous knowledge of WordPress can create a professional-looking optin form.
  3. It gives you a lot of features and design options that you don’t find in other email optin WordPress plugins.
  4. All the forms are mobile-friendly and works smoothly on all devices.
  5. One of my favorite things is that you can integrate 12 email marketing services. While most of the other email optin plugins will let you integrate only a few (normally 5 to 7) email marketing services, Bloom does an exceptional job of providing you with 12 different services to integrate with.
  6. You can export and import Bloom form settings with extreme ease.
  7. A very feature-rich WordPress plugin.

Who Should Use Bloom Plugin?

Bloom email optin WordPress plugin is for every WordPress user. If you have a WP blog or a website and you are trying to build your email list fast, this is the most appropriate plugin for you.

Besides, Bloom is the best plugin for those who want to increase their email optin rates.


Bloom WordPress Plugin

I have been using Bloom personally for every single website of mine and the results are tremendous. Ever since I started using it, I am more than happy. It just doesn’t work as an email optin form but it does the great job of doubling and even tripling your daily subscriber optin rate.

If you are not getting new subscribers with a decent enough rate – Bloom is the thing that you are missing!

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