X Theme Review: A WordPress Theme for Everyone

X WordPress theme by Themeco is an exclusive premium theme for WordPress users that comes packed with tons of features that will blow you away – trust me.

This is an X theme 4.0 reviews where we will talk about its features, pros, cons and will talk about how to get started with the theme so that you can get most from it.

X Theme WordPress Review

It is a feature-rich fully customizable WordPress theme. It has its page builder and four different stacks. If you have read X theme reviews, you must have come across this word ‘stacks’.

A stack is a template that you can choose to get started. The theme comes with four different stacks namely:

  1. Ethos
  2. Icon
  3. Renew
  4. Integrity

Each of these stacks has its unique design that can be further customized. It has its page builder where you can create the pages with extreme ease. Another great thing about X theme is its extensions that are additional WordPress plugins that you can install to make your theme work better.


As soon as you will install and activate your X theme, you will be notified of missing extensions that you can install instantly with a single click.

It is recommended to install all the extensions that are missing for smooth functioning of the theme.

Features o X Theme

The unique user-friendly features of X theme make it such a famous theme among webmasters.

  • It has a lot of features that will make your website WOW.
  • Fully customizable WordPress theme where you have full control on pretty much everything.
  • It has four different stacks included in it that offer you with four different sub-themes within a single WordPress theme.
  • It has a very rich customizer with tons of options to choose from.
  • The theme has its page builder that is all drag-and-drop. You can create awesome looking pages in no time.
  • It has over 600 Google supported fonts.
  • It has shortcodes that will make your life a lot easy. These shortcodes can be used for almost anything ranging from adding buttons to tables to tabs and what not.
  • It is a fluid and responsive theme that works on all devices flawlessly.
  • You get FREE Slider Revolution WordPress plugin with your theme that is another awesome plugin that is exceptionally great for creating responsive sliders.
  • It has its built-in translator that can be used to translate your website into any language you want.
  • Easy integration with Woo Commerce, Buddy Press, bb Press and with several other scripts and services.
  • A perfect theme for creating one-page marketing pages (for instance sales pages).
  • Other features include; sidebars, backgrounds, social buttons, retina compatibility, built-in forms, PSD files included for editing, I LightBox, better SEO, outclass member’s area, automatic updates for lifetime and several others.

As you can see, this is a superb theme that has a lot to offer you with. You just have no idea unless you start using it.

Getting Started with X WordPress Theme

After downloading, uploading and activating the theme, you need to install the additional plugins that you are requested to. Please note, installing these plugins is necessary.

X Customizer

After installation of all the plugins, you are then ready to go for customizer where you can customize your entire theme.


The X customizer is a very rich interface that lets you customize your entire theme. Play around with it and spend some time to get hold of the things.

Page Builder


Once done with the customization, you can then move onto the Page Builder, which is found on Add New Page section.

It is again a very powerful drag-and-drop builder that allows you to create professional pages. As you can see, there are so many options to choose from whether it is Marketing, Typography, Content or anything else.

You can create and save your templates that make things easy in the sense that you can load templates for the same website easily without creating a complete layout from scratch for every new page.

X Short Codes


Shortcodes my favorite option as it lets you instantly select any shortcode from the menu. You can add buttons, tables, table of contents, map and much more with those tiny shortcodes.


  • A very feature-rich and powerful WordPress theme.
  • It’s page builder, and X customizer are very easy-to-use.
  • Proactive customer support.
  • It provides you with full customization options.


  • It needs a lot of plugins (known as extensions) that will make your website heavy and a bit slow.


Download X Theme

Despite its high price, you will going to love X theme for the fact that you can do anything with this theme. Whatever you have in mind and whatever you imagine, you can get it done with the X theme. Not only that it can let you do everything that you want, but it lets you achieve that with extreme ease.

It is an all-in-one WordPress theme that can be used for blogs, e-commerce stores, sales pages, landing pages, personal website, membership sites and so on.

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