10 Online Free WordPress Template Generator

WordPress have won the hearts of millions of website owners and website developers alike. Thanks to its simplicity yet intricacy, feature richness with functionality, and ease in use, build, and customization. It always remains contemporary so responsive design initiatives had made on WordPress first among the modern CMSs.

It makes all possible with plenty of plug-ins and extensions as well as numerous themes available in the market. However, ready to use themes stealing uniqueness in websites as well as prove inadequate to address bespoken needs.

Therefore, market experienced some more tools to bring those all and theme builders have invented by expert WordPress developers in order to give control of theme building in hands of non-tech yet tech-savvy website owners and developers wish to accomplish some standard tasks without spending much.

Technically, WordPress theme builders or generators have enabled us to create theme source code with a user-friendly interface like drag-and-drop UI without prerequisite knowledge of WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

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With pace of time, best WordPress theme generators have got traction and attain capacities that attract even seasoned WordPress developers to use them so let’s check, which are top ten free WordPress template generators available in present market and what are their distinguish characteristics.

Free WordPress Template Generator


TemplateToaster free wordpress theme generator

This theme generator has big prestige and favor of mass due to its impeccable capabilities to offer feature-rich, functional, and customized themes with modern technological compatibility. Let’s check its outstanding offerings:

  • Responsive Web Design Friendliness
  • Drag & Drop Website Building Canvas
  • All Modern Browser Compatibility
  • Hundreds of Fonts Availability
  • Extensive CMS Support including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento
  • Advanced Image Editing Features
  • Seamless Social Media Integration
  • More Than Hundreds of Color Schemes

WP Theme Generator


This one is the next generation WordPress template generator offering more than 1000 pre-designed objects so you can add, change or combine any design element of your theme quickly and easily. Besides these, it has many other features that need to mention here:

  • It can generate 100% Responsive i.e. Mobile/Tablet ready themes.
  • It offers freedom to select more than 50 fonts.
  • It let you create unlimited layouts.
  • You can download both WordPress and HTML/CSS.
  • It offers fully functional shopping cart and WooCommerce integration.
  • It let you save your themes to edit or download on later stage.
  • You can generate countless designs, but need to use one single powerful “full-of-features” framework only.
  • You can add 20 different sliders/slideshows in your themes.
  • It offers internationalized themes by supporting major languages of the world.
  • It offers a ready to use a contact form.
  • You can create e-commerce website themes even with a shopping cart.
  • You can create themes ready for testimonials, services, products, photo galleries with lightbox, categories, and much more menus.
  • It generates Bootstrap ready themes.
  • It offers access to shock family products such as: iconshock, designshock, themeshock.
  • It remains contemporary, as new design elements and themes are added daily.


Ultimatum wordpress theme generator software

It is true that unique styles and looks do not make a website, but it needs functionality for it. Fortunately, Ultimatum offers some out-of-box functionality makes your theme better and successful. Those functions are:

It lets you create themes with custom post types

  • With ten menu scripts
  • Import export designs
  • Custom widgets
  • Child theme support
  • One-click updates
  • Slide shows
  • Font library
  • Short codes
  • It lets you create themes with Plug-ins.


Lubith wordpress template generator

Lubith is fine for beginners and individuals who do not much thirst to have an advanced level of templates. Since it is dedicated to WordPress, only it gives some good elements to beginners and mid-level developers to exploit in favor of their low-end clienteles.

  • It has an Intuitive interface that let you move and resize the theme elements just by dragging the two knobs.
  • It eliminates coding at all so you can design, edit and use your theme without writing a single line of code.
  • It saves time and money spending on programming.


Headway wordpress theme generator online

Headway is a bit pricier than other tools due to its advanced level usage by skilled and seasoned WordPress developers to address significant scale needs. Therefore, it is cumbersome to individuals and fresher, as it is grid base. It has some outstanding features that worth to mention here:

  • For big scale and intricate themes, it eliminates coding at all.
  • It lets you make changes rapidly so save time and money both at the end.
  • It gives freedom to create any layout, instead of other theme generators that lock you for 2 or 3 pre-defined layouts.
  • It lets you create your style, as you can pick you’re very own colors, instead of others that let you pick up three colors only.
  • It has more layout features, import/export blocks, included blocks, mirror blocks, and shared layouts

It has extensive design features including:

  • Copy & paste
  • Edit elements of parents
  • Global styles
  • Style Summary
  • Google fonts
  • Live CSS


PageLines best wordpress theme generator

  • The specialty of PageLines is in the out-of-box drag-and-drop function that lets you choose how your website themes will look.
  • It let you make your website themes 100% Responsive
  • It lets you transform your website themes into e-commerce storefronts using WooCommerce.


Artisteer wordpress theme generator free

  • Artisteer lays somewhere in-between fundamental and advanced theme generator category. As it provides sample themes and allows you to make a template from scratch.
  • Artisteer saves non-tech people from struggling with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML, and CSS. As it automatically creates distinctive theme designs and lets you customize and finalize it up to your taste.
  • It lets you create great widget-ready themes with custom graphics, colors and fonts at cheaper rates and with ease.

Cool Template

CoolTemplate free wordpress theme generator

  • As it name suggests, it cool and lets you create free WordPress themes online as well as at no cost.
  • It generates HTML templates for WordPress and Joomla and in rare cases, it makes ASP.NET master page.
  • It has easy to use interface offering freedom to customize your themes as per your tastes.

iTheme Builder

iTheme Builder

iTheme WordPress builder gives you advanced tools for better designing options and responsiveness. Thus, you can create your layout and select the modules to add into the set of plans.

It has powerful layout editors so you can insert various modules like header, images, navigation, content area, sidebars, widget bars, HTML areas, footer, etc.

  • It has preset of 90 Builder themes
  • It has style manager plug-in that can help you do styling of themes in very fast way.
  • It offers blocks with unique functionality add-ons to make specific content types.
  • It offers extensive support & documentation to its users
  • It is in the market since 2008 so has vast experiences and expertise to provide advance things at cheaper rates.

The Theme Foundry

The Theme Foundry

It is one of best drag and drop WordPress template generator of beginners and mid-level experts to build custom theme page layout with complete control in your hand without doing any coding at all.

  • It is fast to build and offers friendly support
  • It offers more than 110 customization options to set styles, colors, background, and fonts form over 600 fonts.
  • It provides helpful documentation to ease tasks.
  • It generates compact, comprehensive, clean, secure, and valid HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript code.

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