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A web proxy allows us to change the IP address associated with our computers easily and quickly. The nice thing about using a web proxy is that it is portable and does not need installation of any software as well you can use it straightly from your browsers. You can use it as a search engine. Of course, you do not need to enter a search query. Instead, you have to enter a web address of a website that you want to surf.

Whichever site you visit through the web proxy, only your IP address will show, which is owned by the proxy not by you or your devices. Therefore, it presents highly secure and almost anonymous surfing opportunities without spending any penny on it in most cases.

There are numerous free web proxies out there, but it is tough to determine, which ones are good and most suitable to your present needs. Therefore, this post will give you some good clues to make good selections for your various needs of online proxy servers.

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Of course, do not enter important information, unless you see SSL like valid security certificates on the site.

Online Proxy Server List


HideMyAss! list of proxy servers

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  • This one is the most dependable web proxy service free as well as with paid options.
  • They offer free online proxy services only through web browsers and is capable enough to manage heavy traffic along with streaming HD video easily.
  • No doubt, their free Proxy service offers some protection from hackers, stalkers, and malicious elements on the web, but their paid VPN proxy services are superb in the market with more than 200 server locations to offer.
  • Its working method is heavily relying on hide IP address and for premium users, encryption technologies.


Proxify proxy servers list

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The Proxify is a Web-based proxy service provider. It modifies each webpage in such a way that all resources like links, images, and form submissions are pointed back through Proxify to save you from direct exposure on the web.

Besides these, they offer following services:

  • Remove all cookies to wipe off your footprints
  • Remove all scripts to remove malware viruses
  • Remove ads to avoid distractions in surfing
  • Hides referrer information if you prefer this option
  • Text only if you wish
  • Show URL entry form-optional
  • Remove page titles-optional
  • Minimize caching to improve performance
  • Hide user agent-optional
  • Hex encode URLs-optional
  • Proxify Satellite-optional

Free Open Proxy

Free Open Proxy

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  • Free Open Proxy allows you to surf the web in unrestricted manner and with the most anonymity.
  • Free Open Proxy websites help you to hide your tracks and let you keep your privacy intact.
  • If you have websites blocked anyway, you can bypass these bans and view the websites again by using this proxy service.
  • For instance, recently Pakistan has blocked YouTube and our users from Pakistan enjoy YouTube videos again by Unblocking through our services.


kProxy sites

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  • It lets you bypass any online blocks to access foreign content just like a local one.
  • You can get websites from back home while you are abroad.
  • You can bypass government or workplace censorship with our web proxy services.
  • You can easily evade hackers and enjoy complete security using our extensions everywhere including public Wi-Fi connections. Thus, you can save hacking of your personal passwords, bank account and credit card details.
  • Surf privately by hiding your IP address so your location and personal information online as well as your data from snooping by insider theft from your internet service providers is protected.
  • KProxy is a portable Firefox browser configured with Extensions so it works without any installation, just unzip and begin surfing
  • By using a proxy with KProxy Extension, you can eliminate pains of web proxy services.
  • KProxy Agent encrypts your Internet connection between your browsers to your target server and creates a secure tunnel that makes impossible for any hacker to steal your private and critical data.
  • KProxy Extension works through the Internet proxies installed on your devices be it at work, university, or library and display it as a regular http connection.
  • Technically, it converts your computer in a proxy server and other devices can hide their traffic behind this KProxy Server.
  • Better than a VPN
  • KProxy Extension is not a VPN, and shows as a regular http connection so it is ready to change to a new server instantly.


4everproxy list of proxy sites

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  • It generates a 2-hour exclusive session for you when you log into the 4everproxy network, which ensures anonymous browsing.
  • It ensure that all the content you browse through our proxy service list should individually encrypt so it is not accessed by anyone else.
  • It deletes the browser cache every two hours for sake of server performance.
  • This service let you access YouTube video quality control where you can unblock anything and have fun with unrestricted surfing.
  • It ensure that all your critical personal and professional details are safe because we delete and erase all sessions every 2 hours.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It provides free access to any site on the web by overcoming bans.


Vtunnel web proxy sites

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  • Vtunnel let you access the web the way it was meant to be accessed, without any ban or restriction.
  •  Vtunnel is non-exhaustively working to improve the end user experiences and our overall performance.
  • Due to continuous advertiser support, Vtunnel offers its services free of charge.


NewIPNow proxy sites free

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  • NewIPNow.com protects your online privacy by hiding your real IP address on the web.
  • You can browse the web almost anonymously using our shared and public IP addresses.
  • It offer free reins to change your location through our geographically diverse server access.
  • Through the URL encryption scheme, you can secure your browsing history.
  • As part of our multiple IP browsing services, you can start fresh with a new IP list at any time.

Ninja Cloak

Ninja Cloak proxy server free online

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  • Ninja Cloak is a free web based proxy service that lets you surf your favorite websites even from behind a firewall with blocked ports.
  • You can access our services from anywhere else with a web browser.
  • Ninja Cloak makes your browsing experience almost anonymous by hiding your logs and real IP addresses
  • Ninja Cloak requires no extra software to be installed. Thus, it reduces your risk of Trojans, viruses, worms, malware, and other malicious scripts by placing a filter between you and the web site you want to visit.


AnonyMouse free online proxy

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  • Many Internet users surf the web with assumptions that their actions are private and data secure, but it is not the way.
  • When you visit a site you leave a calling card that reveals your where-abouts and types of devices you use along with other details. This leaves low hanging fruits for hackers to breach your security and privacy.
  • Therefore, this free proxy service allows you to surf the web without revealing your real IP address and secure you on the web.


Online Web Proxy

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  • This services Unblocks any website you wish.
  • Use webproxy.net to surf the web with complete privacy by hiding your IP and route your web traffic through its anonymous proxy servers.
  • These services are encrypting all websites you request to surf with SSL and technically SSL can bypass censorship restrictions in countries, which restrict access to websites.
  • Online proxies also afford additional options including User Agent masking, cookie management, and advertisement removal.
  • It’s free browser extension helps you to redirect your web browser traffic through their secure nodes with just one click and it is compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox like major browsers.


Defilter proxy sites list

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  • Defilter.us is a simple to use web proxy service for free.
  • It enables you to surf all your favorite websites securely and safely by hiding your real IP address.
  • This proxy server list lets you surf every website you wish to unblock and deliver content securely to you.


Free Proxy Server

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  • FreeProxyServer.uk. helps you and your friends to bypass any network filter to grant you unrestricted access of your favorite websites.
  • It offers a secure unfiltered Internet surfing experience with fast loading speed.
  • It offers a 99.9% uptime across all its sites.
  • It has Proxy Servers in multiple regions across the world, you can access & check them out.

Working Proxy

Working Proxy List

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  • It unblocks Proxy sites situated anywhere around the world.
  • It protects you from network monitoring and helps you achieve complete privacy by issuing a new IP address and redirecting all your web requests on your behalf.
  • It keeps your own IP address hidden from third parties and keeps no logs of any of our users activities in order to make your data exchanges safe.
  • It lets you unblock social media sites such as Facebook & YouTube whether you are at school or work.

Rapid Proxy

Rapid Proxy Server

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  • RapidProxy.us is the fastest proxy site.
  • This proxy server list lets you unblock any website you wish.
  • With seriously fast SSD proxy servers scattered around the globe, Rapid Proxy allows you to access online content quickly and securely.
  • It offers 100% privacy by removing your logging and surfing activities from the cache.


Unblocker free proxy server list

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  • This fast proxy service routes every request made through its highly optimized dedicated server and encrypts it as well as mask the data before passing it securely back to your computing devices.
  • Your web browser displays almost anonymity improving your web security with regular updates with independent hardware firewall.
  • It is free and easy to use proxy service.


Quick uk Proxy server

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  • QuickProxy sets you up as a hidden and safe user on the internet.
  • This site is hosted on Dedicated Server that renders it so fast making it popular.
  • There are no downtimes recorded against many other proxy sites, which are running on low budget solutions.

The Best Proxy

The Best Proxy

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  • Using thebestproxy.info you can eliminate ISP Blocking, schools place blocks, and Parental control.
  • It delivers online proxy services free to you far quicker than any other site.
  • It is free and safe for your privacy as well as security of your vital data.


Just anonymous proxy server

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  • JustProxy provides a tech friendly and cost effective way to keep personal information of its users secure online.
  • It hides network monitoring on work places and schools.
  • JustProxy.co.uk. let you browse the internet securely using glype, phproxy, CGI and zelune unblocking desired websites.
  • It will change your current IP address replacing it with one owned by the anonymous proxy server.
  • It has the best data centers located in Gloucestershire and London.
  • It is the best proxy services for people who are looking for free services.


proxy server free

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  • It offers free proxy works from inside your web browser.
  • It has the best servers ready to help you access any blocked website you want.
  • Proxyone have great scripts, with HTTP Secure SSL Certificate.
  • It hides your online identity and internet history by regularly deleting cookies and caches.

Hide The Internet

Hide The Internet online proxy server

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  • This online US proxy keeps your internet activities hidden from malicious eyes.
  • It improves your privacy on the web.
  • Its main servers are situated in Downtown LA, but others are scattered around the world.

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