15 Incredible And Free Website Builders of 2015

Websites have redefined business and changed lives all over the world, and creating one gets easier every day. Traditionally, it would be impossible to consider building a website without a web designer and developer to help you get started, but the inception of website builders has changed that fact.

With several free website builders available, you can find the website template that suits your style and customize it with all the intricate details.

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Here’s a list of some of the best free website builders out there, which can help you create the website of your dreams without any web development knowledge required.

Free Website Builders

1. WIX

wix website builder

If you have been looking for a website builder, it is quite possible that you came across WIX already. With the specialization in HTML5 websites which are SEO friendly, WIX provides a modern drag & drop page builder. With a significantly large collection of professional and personalized templates, you get the power of Google Analytics built inside it.

2. WebsiteBuilder

Website Builder

Website Builder is among the oldest and most reliable website building service providers available online. The most intriguing feature of this free website builder is the humongous collection of templates that it hosts which spread over several popular categories.

3. IM Creator


Keeping pace with the latest web development techniques and features, IM Creator too offers an innovative drag & drop editor that will make building your website a breeze. If you want to keep your website updated with new templates and styles, you will adore the regularly updated template collection of IM Creator.

4. Sitey


Just because you are going for a free alternative with the website builders, does not mean you cannot enjoy a professional website. Sitey is among the free website builders that enhances your website with features such as mobile responsiveness, 1GB bandwidth for media uploading and unrestricted access to more than a 100 brilliant websites templates.

5. WebStarts


WebStarts is yet another free website building tool that provides a range of features unde their free services. With the free version of WebStarts, you can build a website with limited bandwidth of 10mb and storage of 5GB per month, along with the allowance of building 5 pages per website.

6. Moonfruit

moonfruit builder

If you are looking for a website builder that does not beat the bush and gets the work done in a jiffy, Moonfruit is worth looking into. You get 1GB worth of bandwidth each month, with the ability to create 15 pages per website and a mobile optimized interface as well.

7. Jimdo

Jimdo HTML builder

More thaan a decade old name in the world of online website building, Jimdo has been at the forefront of the business. Create any form of website you want with the limited features, and subscribe to a paid plan to unleash its true potential.

8. Yola

Yola website builder

Yola is best known for the interactive packages it provides, along with the user friendly design it offers. With the free package that includes 5 websites, customer support, banner-less hosting, 1GB storage and free analytics, you will always be happy with Yola.

9. Webs

Webs Trendy Website Builder

The free version of Webs website builder provides a straightforward package with an online store allowance of 5 items. You can create a website with mobile optimization which includes ad banners and 500MB bandwidth allowance each month.

10. Ezweb123


This free website builder has been popular for the wide range of packages it offers, including an attractive free package. The free package allows you to create 15 pages for your website, along with ads from Ezweb123 and 1GB bandwidth and 20MB storage space.

11. Tripod

Tripod Template

If you are looking for a website builder service that offers you a free insight of their services, Tripod is great choice. With more than 150 website templates to choose from and 1GB monthly bandwidth, you can try out their services and choose whether or not their premium services are worth the price.

12. Webnode


Whether you are looking for a free website builder to help you create a small online store or a minimal website, Webnode has the free package you need. With the free version, you can enjoy up to 10 items in your online store and 1GB bandwidth allowance as well.

13. SnapPages

Snap Pages

SnapPages keeps up the pace with the modern website development tools with its user friendly drag & drop builder. The free packages offer the typical 1GB storage space for content and media, along with the option to create 5 sub-pages.

14. Edicy


Edicy (now known as Voog) is a website best suitable if you do not need a large storage space or a unique domain name. With a semi-standard design style, 100MB storage allowance and basic statistic reporting, you can keep your website online with Edicy for a lifetime without any charges.

15. Doomby


Doomby is yet another website builder that offers the typical free package for users, with a refreshing twist. Unlike other free website builders, Doomby offers a free package with unlimited bandwidth size and pages. There are however ads and you would have to purchase a template if you wish to create an online store.

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