Flat WooCommerce Theme By ThemeForest

E-commerce has becomes synonymous with websites, since everyone is after the benefits that it offers. Whether it an online portfolio website, a business portal, or a lifestyle blog, everyone is offering products and services with the help of the e-Commerce tools and plugins available. WooCommerce is one such tool that has redefined the use of WordPress all over the world. By integrating the e-Commerce capabilities of WooCommerce and content management features of WordPress, theme developers have created some of the most marvelous WordPress e-Commerce websites available today.

Flatsome Theme

The Flatsome WordPress Theme by ThemeForest is one such powerful e-Commerce theme that has sent shockwaves through the WordPress development community. This e-Commerce theme is a brainchild of UX Themes, which is a WordPress theme development studio that exclusively crafts WooCommerce integrated themes for the customers. Keeping the unparalleled class of the Flat user interface alive, the Flatsome theme offers a modernized visual experience.

Flat Responsive WooCommerce Theme

The Flatsome Theme offers a design style that has been tried and tested to be visually appealing, which is a bare necessity for any online store looking to attract hoards of customers. Each element that has been used in the comprising of this theme blends in beautifully, offering a homologous design and layout throughout the website.

The live preview of the Flatsome Theme is more than enough to display the e-Commerce capabilities of this theme. One of the main selling points of the theme is the fully responsive design, which has been keenly designed to offer a competent mobile user experience.

Considering the fact that 60% of online shopping customers visit online stores through mobile devices and tablets, this feature of the Flatsome Theme can help put your e-Commerce website right in competition with the big players in the industry.

Not A Typical WooCommerce Theme

Have a look at all the WordPress themes out there that are exclusively WooCommerce themes, and then look at the Flatsome Theme and you will know the difference. The typical WooCommerce themes are nothing more than hollow, feature-less WordPress themes branded with WooCommerce, which either end up making your online store look unattractive, or force you to spend a small fortune it developing them into an acceptable theme.

This is where the Flatsome Theme not only excels in standing apart from the crowd, but also saves you tons of hassle and money down the road. With an eye popping visual interface, a zippy layout and a clean and flat design, your e-Commerce website will be up and running within minutes.

Taking care of the intricate details such as the icons, as well as the major attributes of the custom banners, this WordPress theme offers more than any other WooCommerce theme possibly could.

Ready For Customization

While the original layout and design of the Flatsome Theme is a success in itself, you deserve to have the freedom to customize your website the way you want to. Taking a different route to customization, Flatsome Theme has integrated their page composer and ditched the Visual Composer for customized page creation.

Since you won’t need to build more than a few custom pages for your e-Commerce website, the lightweight page composer offered by the Flatsome Theme is ideal to keep the theme superfast. However, the page composer is a back-end tool, so you won’t be able to enjoy the user friendly front-end page building options that the Visual Composer offers. But since the page builder has drag and drop features, getting used to it won’t be really a hassle.

Page Speed For UX And SEO

The developers of the Flatsome Theme have branded it as the fastest WordPress e-Commerce theme available. Beating the giants of WordPress e-Commerce themes by several seconds, the Flatsome Theme excels in providing a speedy user experience which can make all the difference for an online store.

But the user experience is not the only aspect that benefits from the high loading speed of the Flatsome Theme. Fast page loading speeds have a significantly positive effect on Search Engine Optimization, and the search engines look favorably on a website. Keeping the importance of SEO in mind, this WordPress theme has been crafted with a clean code, related products feature and simplistic navigation.

The Final Verdict

Demo & Download

It is an interesting fact that the Flatsome Theme by ThemeForest is the bestselling WooCommerce WordPress theme ever created, which is a clear sign of how much the customers have loved it. From a retina ready design and responsive design for a universally unique shopping experience, to a flat user interface that will mesmerize the users, each element of the Flatsome Theme is just perfect.

What makes this WordPress theme even better is the fact that it adds up as an incredible theme, even if you wish to skip out on the e-Commerce attributes and use it as a magazine or blog theme. This WordPress theme has been the epitome of WooCommerce themes for quite some time now, and the ongoing development and support signal that new, high-end updates could be on their way soon.

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