13 Latest Adobe Photoshop Plugins For Photographers

Adobe Photoshop has been a revolutionary image and motion picture editing program, which has changed the way many photography and designing professionals work every day. With all the various features for editing and highlighting still and motion pictures, Photoshop has something to offer no matter what you need.

Similar to several detailed Softwares, Adobe Photoshop comes with several tools such as plugins and filters that empower the users with several more astounding features. Regardless of whether you are an expert or a novice at Adobe Photoshop, here are some best Photoshop plugins that you must have to impart extraordinary features to your images and videos.

Latest Adobe Photoshop Plugins for Photographers

1. Exposure 4

If you are a fashion photographer, or just need to bring a professional effect to your portraits, Exposure 4 is a filter that will become your beloved. This Adobe Photoshop plugin adds a filming effect to the images, and enables you to control the split toning, black & white colors and other custom effects as well.


2. Blow Up 3

When the clients send you over a small resolution image that needs enlargement and effects, the Blow Up 3 will come handy. This Adobe Photoshop plugin provides the ability to perform pin sharp enlargements, which provides you the zooming in on the images without sacrificing the quality of the image.


3. Topaz Labs Photoshop Plugins

The developers at Topaz Labs provides a latest Photoshop plugin kit which offers more than 10 different tools to serve various purposes in designing and editing. The numerous mini-plugins included in the package offers different features to create vibrant and spectacular images with the right amount of detail and enhanced lines.

Download Adobe Photoshop

4. Redynamix HDR

This plugin offers a stunning HDR effect to the images without any of the added complications. With the click of a button, you can bring out the serene beauty of any image, without spending hours highlighting every single element and detail.


5. Filter Forge

While image filters are no longer a new element in the world of photography, the Filter Forge plugin for Photoshop redefines how they can be used. This single plugin offers thousands of outstanding filter effects to choose from, creating a stunning effect every time. If you are bored of the typical presets, give Filter Forge a try to add some personalized custom effects.

Filter Forge

6. Portraiture

The Portraiture plugin for Adobe Photoshop is a fusion between the Aperture and Lightroom plugins. The combination of the features of the two plugins enables an automated process for retouching portraits, providing the perfect look every time. By removing blemishes and marks, this plugin makes the skin tone even and smooth without deteriorating the skin and hairline details.


7. Photogram

The name itself makes it apparent what this Photoshop plugin has been created for. The Photogram plugin functions as a floating Instagram-like tool for editing photos and adding special effects and filters to the images. With more than 70 types of different filters to choose from, you will always have new styles to try out.


8. Alien Skin

More than just a singular plugin to help you improve the features of Adobe Photoshop, Alien Skin is a software that comprises of numerous plugins and tools. With several tools for graphic designing, image retouching, portrait creation and much more, Alien Skin software offer a one stop solution for professional graphic designers and photographers.

Alien Skin Photoshop Plugin

9. AutoFX

AutoFX is yet another software for Adobe Photoshop that integrates a wide range of filters and effects. Incorporated with free as well as paid plugins, AutoFX has a tool for anything, whether you wish to work on the lighting of the image, add some photo effects or improve clarity and sharpness.

Autofx Software for Adobe Photoshop

10. Nikon Color FX

Created by the photography equipment giant, the Nikon Color FX is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that has been supported and updated regularly throughout the years. Created for photography enthusiasts to be creative and add beautiful effects to their photographs, this simplistic yet powerful tool has become popular among professionals as well.

Nik Color Efex

11. Pixel Bender

The Pixel Bender plugin created by Adobe itself, is based on the technology of an image and video processing software. With the required hardware specs, this tool can be used with Photoshop for high-end image and video processing.

Pixel Blender Adobe Photoshop

12. Knoll Knight Factory

Started out as the best Adobe Photoshop plugin for video and image processing, the Knoll Knight Factory continues to be the crowd favorite. This software has been recently introduced with movie software support, making it perfect to create extraordinary video and picture effects with just a few clicks. With more than a hundred presets, you can start experimenting with the numerous features right away.

Knoll Factory

13. Knockout

If you have edited images before, you know exactly how hard it is to crop the models, since their hair always get cropped. The Knockout plugin is a boon for fashion photographers, as it helps you cut out the images in their complete integrity with ease.

Knockout Photoshop Plugin

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